Curtis Cost: Impact of Vaccines on the African-American Community

In this episode of HealthMade radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews African American researcher, Curtis Cost, who has been writing about and giving lectures on the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines for nearly 30 years.

Curtis Cost authored the book,  Vaccines Are Dangerous A Warning to the Global Community 2nd Edition. Mr. Cost exposes the misinformation that has been told to the general public regarding vaccines by showing the contradictions in the medical establishment’s own literature. Curtis is the first and only African American to have published a book on vaccines and specifically geared towards African Americans. The book also covers the link between vaccines and HIV/AIDS, Autism, the problems with the medical establishments, proven natural cures for cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and other conditions. He explains the overall nature of vaccines from what they are, what they’re made from, why they are used, and how vaccines have affected people throughout history.  

Learn about: 

  • Adverse Vaccine reactions in communities of African descent
  • Censorship of vaccine damage and vaccine information 
  • The risk of the disease versus the risk of adverse reactions to vaccines and spend time discussing how 
  • The WIN-WIN for pharmaceutical companies with the rise of adverse vaccine reactions
  • How vaccine injury impacts ALL communities

Purchase his book: http://www.vaccinesaredangerous.com/


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