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Using a glass vial of formaldehyde, you can test to determine if formaldehyde is stored in the body, with an outstretched arm and how strong a noted muscle response is when pressure is applied (if any). In this case, there is formaldehyde showing in the liver.

Laser energetic detox can be performed, offered by the Karlfeldt Center, and is an effective treatment for this and other problem areas, to remove these toxic substances that may be harming the body.

Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing substance that is used to add permanent press qualities to clothing and draperies, as a component of glue and adhesives, as a preservative in some coating and painting products, and also sources of formaldehyde in items in the home such as building materials, paper used to make cigarettes, household products. It is also used in unvented fuel-burning appliances such as gas stoves or kerosene space heaters. Pesticides, herbicides and vaccines are also found to contain formaldehyde.

The laser energetic detox technique can be used not only for detoxification, but is also used to balance hormones, enzymes, neurotransmitters and much more. Learn More about Restoring Health using Laser Energetic Detox in this Interview with Dr. Douglas Phillips

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Photo by Chandler Chen on Unsplash. This article originally appeared at: https://healthmade.co/identification-and-detoxification-of-formaldehyde-using-muscle-testing-and-laser-energetic-detox.