Legalizing CBD? But At What Cost?

CBD is a chemical component of the hemp plant that has many healing properties. It is a common mistake to equate hemp and CBD with marijuana and its mind-altering constituent THC. The most obvious difference is that hemp and CBD cannot give you a high.

Because of this association, the legal interpretation of the attorney general here in Idaho is that all hemp products are illegal. This would mean that the paper, clothes, and protein powder that is made out of hemp would all be illegal. On a federal level, hemp products with less than 0.03 % THC are considered a food product.

Should we concede to making a law that would require a doctor’s note even to buy hemp food products in order to legalize CBD here in Idaho?

We invite you to listen to this informative podcast and learn some of the truth behind how we view cannabis today!

Here are a few brief facts that were touched on during the podcast:

Up until 1937 Cannabis was a medicine obtainable over the counter at just about any pharmacy!  At that point, cannabis was used regularly to treat epilepsy, addiction, cancer, and many other conditions.

However, greed won out over the usefulness of this natural remedy and some big corporations were able to use political clout to get hemp (CBD) banned.  We’d call it fake news today, but that wasn’t a thing back then. No one questioned the many news outlets and videos that spread panic by capitalizing on the “dangers” of hemp or cannabis.

The powers that be had a vested interested in stopping hemp production because it directly competed with another product that was making vast amounts of money.  In the end, it’s always about money.  Follow the money and you’ll often find the source of this type of misinformation!

Listen in as Dr. Karlfeldt explains the many different types of cannabinoid compounds and how they work.  He exposes the truth behind the difference between THC and CBD oil and shares how certain cannabis compounds can be used for incredible health benefits across a wide variety of conditions.

Speak UP and Help Us Fight for Freedom!

Lawmakers are pushing for a degree of control that could mean that even buying hemp hearts at Costco or buying hemp clothing may be illegal. Even many vegan protein powders contain hemp as a protein source.  The impact of this is huge!

We need to fight for the freedom to utilize hemp and all its benefits without it being regulated by the government or the medical field.

Please share with concerned family and friends so that everyone can understand that CBD’s mistaken identity is costing us the use of a powerful natural medicine! You might consider heading over to Health Freedom Idaho’s site to stay informed about your health and medical freedoms in the state of Idaho, and potentially becoming a member

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