How to find out if you have mold in your house! with Michael Schrantz

Mold and toxic dust are a big issue in many parts of the United States. Exposure to indoor contaminants can result in allergic and/or inflammatory responses, infections, or other toxic effects.

Symptoms can range from rashes, cold and flu-like effects to neurological damage and even death. Oftentimes people who are struggling to get healthy, even when they seem to be doing everything right, are dealing with mold toxicity. Could your house be making you sick? Mold toxins increase the burden on the liver and create chronic inflammation in the body. 

Learn more about your indoor environment and sick building syndrome on this episode of HealthMade Radio with Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Michael Schantz, an expert with over 24 years of active indoor environmental quality & building science experience. Michael is the Founder and operator of Environmental Analytics, LCC. Environmental Analytics is a comprehensive indoor environmental quality consulting company that covers a wide range of environmental assessments for the residential, commercial, and medical sectors. He has been involved in over 4500 related projects expanding across the globe.

 In this episode, learn the answers to the following questions:

  • What is Sick Building Syndrome?
  • What are the Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome?
  • When dealing with chronic health conditions, how important is assessing your home?
  • What are some common building concerns that can impact your health?
  • What to look for that would indicate possible mold?
  • What to do to reduce the risk for mold?

More About Michael Schantz:  Michael Schrantz is the Founder and operator of Environmental Analytics LLC (EA). EA is a comprehensive Indoor Environmental Quality consulting company that covers a wide range of indoor environmental assessments for the residential, commercial, industrial, and medical sectors. He is the creator and host of Indoor Environmental Professional Radio (IEPradio.com)-An educational website dedicated to public education & awareness of all things Indoor Air Quality related. 

Website: environmentalanalytics.net

Podcast: iepradio.com

Facebook: facebook.com/EnvironmentalAnalytics

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