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Did you know that heavy metals stored in our bodies can interfere with our ability to use our five senses? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD talks about how mercury, a common hazard that is commonly found in our environments, can be stored in the body and cause our sensory organs to function at lower than optimal levels and some tips on how to remove them. 

We are constantly bombarded with information through our five senses. Our brain uses a filtering system to give importance to specific pieces of information, and allow them to become conscious. If we would focus on everything that we are seeing, everything that we are hearing, it would drive us insane. We continually have to make sure that we filter out the things that we feel aren’t that important, especially what’s important for our survival.  

We can however, train ourselves to become more aware of external sensory stimulation

For instance musicians, their auditory skills are much more highly developed than mine would be. A painter, their ability to see things visually is much more acute than normal people that don’t deal with looking at different colors. In Betsy Lou’s case, she was able to connect to certain sensory stimulation that was connected to her dead grandfather.

Something that I frequently observe is how certain things can then, interfere with our ability to then, connect with these extra-sensory, stimulation that we may receive, whether it’s intuition, or connecting with a dead grandfather, or connecting with nature, or able to hear better, see better, whatever it may be.

Something that frequently comes up is actually, heavy metals. And most frequently is the heavy metal mercury. And that tends to interfere with our ability to make these sensory stimulation more acute. Whether, as I mentioned, they are physical, mental, spiritual, or intuitive

Sources of heavy metals:

There are also heavy metals from: 

There are important steps you need to take to move these heavy metals out of your body to more connected, so to say, with nature, be more connected with your dead grandfather, intuition, your spiritual connection with God, or whatever it may be.

Certain tools such as chlorella and cilantro are fantastic for clearing out heavy metals. Heavy metal detox should be done under the care of a doctor. Learn more about Chelation Therapy at The Karlfeldt Center

Photo by Claudio Testa on Unsplash.