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Why is cellular health so important?

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD discusses the importance of cell integrity and how our bodies transport nutrients into the cells to maintain health, nutrients that are critical for cellular function, and what happens when those nutrients aren’t delivered or available to our cells and its effects on wellness. 

Everything that happens within the body, if you go deep enough, you are looking at cellular function. Anytime you look at health you always want to look at cellular function and what you want to be able to drive that in the most optimal way. Around the cell you have something called the cell wall, and obviously here you have the genetic material or DNA in the center of the cell (see diagram in video). 

In order for any nutrient to be able to enter the cell, it needs to be able to penetrate this wall. The integrity of this wall is crucial for any health to be obtained or maintained.

This wall is composed mostly a fatty substance, to keep the wall pliable and in a state where nutrients can get inside the wall, you need abundant healthy fats such as fish oils and other foods that contain Omega 3s. Coconut oil and flax seed oil are also beneficial. Later on, I will show you some liposomal substances such as Vitamin C, glutathione and H-blocker

The liposomal components are almost identical to the cell wall to help support its integrity. A liposome is a spherical component having at least one lipid bilayer, and is a necessary substance for administration or introduction of nutrients into micro organisms such as the cells. 

Unhealthy fats such as trans fats and others (canola, soybean, corn, cottonseed or margarine), and fats from fast food (fried food) damages the cell wall and make it much harder for substances to penetrate. Poor cell wall function means nutrients cannot get into your cells and do their important job of helping to maintain cell integrity.

Glutathione is a combination of different amino acids – it is probably one of the strongest anti-aging substances that we are aware of, he most important anti-oxidant of the body, and is supportive of the mitrochondria within the cell; the mitochondria being the energy center or factory of our cells

We need that ATP (an enzyme that provides energy storage so the cell can function, and is essential for healthy cell metabolism. Liposomal glutathione is crucial. It is also important to clean out the environment and support eliminatory pathways including the kidneys, colon, skin and respiratory to remove toxic waste that impedes the ability of nutrients to reach the cell.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash.