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Do you experience some type of chronic neurological disease or disorder? Perhaps you have spent some years struggling to overcome these kinds of issues, trying different drugs or conventional therapy. Conventional medicine typically treats neurological disorders with pharmaceutical medication, a “wait-and-see” approach and experimental procedures. Long-term prognosis of neurological disorders treated with these methods tend to degenerate over time. The conventional approach doesn’t address the underlying root causes of neurological challenges, covers up symptoms and provides an environment where the disease continues to progress.

Holistic and integrative approaches to neurology seek to uncover the cause of illness, not merely mask its symptoms, and heal the body by addressing toxicities, nutrient-deficiencies and interference that have kept the person experiencing the challenge in a state of disease.

Neurological disorders including Autism, ADD/ADHD. Alzheimer’s, ALS, Parkinson’s, seizures, and multiple sclerosis which represent various auto-immune diseases that occur where the immune system attacks the central nervous system (in MS), causing symptoms including numbness and weakness in muscles and joints, mood and speech changes, alteration in cognitive function, blurred vision, pain tremor, fatigue and intolerance to temperature changes.

Causes of neurological disease can be the following:

Heavy metal toxicity in the body

Dr. Christopher Exley, PhD of Keele University, a respected expert on aluminum toxicity and his colleagues have examined the exposure of aluminum and the link to multiple sclerosis:

We showed that individuals with relapsing-remitting MS (RRMS) and secondary progressive MS (SPMS) excreted significant amounts of aluminium in their urine (Exley et al., 2006). This, we thought, unexpected finding led us to speculate if aluminium could have a role to play in MS? One clue that it might be involved was the consistent observation in animal models of aluminium intoxication that myelin is a preferred target for aluminium in the brain. Since myelin breakdown is an important factor in the progression of MS in humans this led us to advance the hypothesis that human exposure to aluminium was playing a part in the disease.”

Here is his statement about the connection between autism and stored aluminum in the body:

“I did not see a role for aluminum in autism. And I didn’t see a role for aluminum in vaccines in autism. I have to change my mind now on both of these. I have to change my mind that aluminum has a role in autism. I believe it now does.”

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Continued, unhealthy levels of stress can have adverse effects on the brain and neurological function in the body which can lead

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Dietary habits

Consuming processed, packaged foods and neglecting to receive enough nutrients from real, organic foods is a recipe for chronic health issues.

Exposure to EMF and Wifi

The World Health Organization reports that the International Agency for the Research on Cancer classifies wireless radiofrequencies a Class 2B carcinogen. This includes wireless radiation from any transmitting source including cell phones, tablets, cell towers, baby monitors, radar, and other Wifi sources.

“While cell phones localize the highest microwave exposure to the brain, Wi-Fi  exposures are often localized to the abdomen, leg and chest area. However this is not always the case as some people sleep in rooms with Wi-Fi baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers or Wi-Fi gaming devices near their pillow. Wi-Fi printers may be in offices next to a person’s desk and most people are unaware that they transmit continuously. All in all, for some people- especially children- the Wi-Fi exposure is quite significant to overall cumulative exposure.

Wi-Fi devices emit continuous radiation bursts, just like cell phones, as they always stay in contact with their router or base station. The Wi-Fi radiation patterns can be quite erratic when the device is in use and this can further impact biological effects.”

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Ways to address neurological illness and holistically heal the body:

Nutrition, addressing nutritional deficiencies, healing the digestive tract

These foods focus on important nutrients the body is lacking which contribute to neurological issues including fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K2, B vitamins, minerals such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, and magnesium, CLA (conjugated linoleic fatty acids), folate and Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

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Reduction of exposure to EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) including Wifi and wireless devices (cell phones, tablets, computers)

Restorative sleep

Retiring to bed at an earlier hour, removing electronic or Wifi devices from sleeping areas, sleeping in a dark, quiet room, turning off routers, modems and Wifi at night.

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Stress reduction/relief

Reducing or eliminating as many possible sources of stress, especially acute stress, can be extremely healing for anyone experiencing neurological damage or illness, or any chronic disease.

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Detoxification strategies that go beyond what’s listed here which address heavy metals and other toxins stored in the body. Dr. Lawrence Wilson, M.D. has an extensive discussion about various detoxification protocols and how they can benefit anyone experiencing chronic illness or disease.

Effective detoxification protocols to begin healing from neurological and other disease include the following:

Source: https://drlwilson.com/detox_protocols.htm

Consider eliminating pharmaceutical medications

As discussed in the introduction of this article as they fail to address the underlying cause of disease and can mask or cause misrepresentation of symptoms. Pharmaceutical drugs also contain potentially harmful and questionable substances which are known to cause side-effects that can be similar to symptoms the patient experiences of their primary disease or symptom.

Cover image by Allef Vinicius: https://unsplash.com/photos/zR7Js1a2JRs