Healing Inflammation with Healthy Fats

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD explains the role of health in reducing and elimination of inflammation in the body. 

Another factor is you want to eat foods that are alkaline, not acidic foods. Acidic foods are simple carbohydrates. Alkaline foods are vegetables that contain a huge amount of minerals that are alkalizing for the body. 

The neutral pH number which is learned in basic chemistry is 7.0. The goal is to be above this number. So, if you eat acidic foods, the body will neutralize these acids in the blood by pulling minerals out of the joints and bones, and tissue. This will create an inflammatory process in these tissues.

So, you will need good fatty acids including the consumption of Omega 3s and Gamma Linoleic Acid. Stay away from inflammatory fats such as Crisco, margarine and hydrogenated trans fatty acids

Healthy fats are amazingly anti-inflammatory. And it doesn’t matter if it’s in your joints, blood vessels, brain or other region of the body, focus on the

healthy fats each and every day in your diet.

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Photo by Jönas Ducker on Unsplash. 

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