Grip Strength, Squats, Disease and Nursing Homes

Did you know that your grip strength is one of the most direct indicators of your nervous system’s well-being and your mental health?

Amazingly, an 80-year-old can compete with people in their 30’s for grip strength (not to be confused with muscle strength) – IF – they keep using their hands and arms to move and thus, keep the nerve connections healthy to the brain. 

Even if your grip strength is currently weak (this isn’t necessarily an age-related issue!), there are ways to strengthen your grip and thereby reset the neural connections that ensure use of your hands well into your golden years. 

On another related subject to aging, you’ll have to watch the video to find out what squats has to do with nursing home admittance rates. You may be surprised to find out why exercising your grip and your major leg muscles will keep you more mentally and physically active and independent. 

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