Masterclass: From Dis-Ease to Vitality

Tony Litster - Learn To Speak the Language of the Lizard Brain

So often we seek healing outside of ourselves.  

Even more important than diet and exercise – there is an inner healing we must practice if we want the vitality and healing we seek.  This is beyond just positive thinking.  

The science around our “Reptilian Brain” is fascinating.

This brain runs our “fight-flight-freeze” response.  It causes food impulses and gets us to sabotage perfectly good plans.  It can even cause us to resist healthy choices.

When our “survival brain” carries old traumas and negative emotions from our past, there is no amount of vitamins that can heal our body.

For a long time I’ve wanted to bring this “inner work” to the community here.

I’m excited to introduce my special guest Tony Litster, who is is an expert at helping people release old traumas and get people back to their energy and vitality. 

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Dis-Ease to Vitality with Tony Litster
May 12, 2022 @ 10 AM MST
Who: Tony Litster
Where: Online
Cost: Free to the Karlfeldt Community

Tony has a remarkable story of how his life was turned upside down by a drunk driver and his story of reclaiming his health. Tony is hosting a FREE Masterclass called “From Dis-Ease to Vitality” on Thursday, May 12th, 2022 at 10 AM MST.  This is exclusively for the Karlfeldt community.

Tony will teach you:

  • How the reptilian brain stores old memories and why its so hard to let things go
  • What happens when our nervous system is stuck in “fight or flight” and how to reset it
  • Why calming the lizard brain is essential to healing our physical body

You will learn to speak the language of the lizard brain and he will guide you through a six minute exercise to instantly shift from stress to gratitude.  (He said you can record this exercise so you can use it over and over!)

If you’re as committed to healing as I believe you are, this is an essential step on your journey.