Food and Environmental Desensitization

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Food or environmental desensitization is a complete natural,  non-invasive, and drug-free holistic treatment.

A rash, fatigue, pain, inflammation, itching, anxiety, sleep disturbances, abdominal symptoms, etc. can be due to a sensitivity reaction to a food, dust, chemical or some other environmental trigger. Food and environmental desensitization activates specific acupuncture/acupressure points “to reset” the immune or inflammatory reaction to that substance. Frequently, the result is the disappearance of sensitivities and allergies. In regards to a food, it allows the body to relax, absorb and assimilate appropriate nutrients from the food that once caused allergies and support the proper growth of the entire body. Food and environmental desensitization is suitable for all ages.

Improve how your body reacts to foods and environmental triggers by scheduling a densensitization appointment. 

The Karlfeldt Center

The Karlfeldt Center

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