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Are you looking to make positive mindset changes but feel as though you are spinning your wheels? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD explores the expansion of prosperity in health, finances, and relationships, and shifting focus from challenges to growth and potential for change with Dr. Tammi Baliszewski, PhD. 

See Dr. Tammi Baliszewski, PhD’s interview with Dr. Michael (below), talking about creating abundant prosperity.

Prosperity is not only about finances, but it also exists within health. And it’s taking the appropriate steps you need to allow you to achieve that optimum, abundant health. You would do this not only so you are not afraid of disease, but also so you can focus on driving toward that powerful energetic living.

Doing this involves certain calls to action

We were given this body, and if you don’t use it, you tend to lose the different aspects that aren’t used. 

Consider the following: 

All these different things are crucial to be able to move toward abundant living.

I will also be talking about nutritional aspects to focus on that will move you further in that direction. 

How Nutrition Affects Cellular Integrity and Our Health 

The following interview features Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talking with Dr. Tammi Baliszewski talking about prosperity and how to acheive this with intentional mindset changes. 

Dr. Karlfeldt: With me I have Dr. Tammi Baliszewski, PhD. She is the author of two amazing books, Manifesting Love and the other one is being released today, Manifesting Prosperity. And she also has a radio show, called Journey to Center. Tell me a little bit about your radio show. You have some amazing guests like Gary Zukav, and just incredible guests.

Dr. Tammi B: Yes, I’ve recently interviewed Mark Nepo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jim Self. I’ve had some really amazing guests.

It’s on Empower Radio. So you just go to Empower Radio and it’s called Journey to Center. We are also available on iTunes and iHeartRadio, and as an app on Smart Phones. If you download the app on your phone, you can listen to the podcasts anytime.

Dr. K: Wonderful. And you are coming out with a book today, called Manifesting Prosperity. How do you define prosperity? Is it to be wealthy, filthy rich? What is prosperity?

TB: Well, my book is Manifesting Prosperity from the Inside Out is really about cultivating prosperity consciousness. Prosperity can mean different things to different people. For me, I like to describe it as having healthy body, fulfilling relationships, making money doing what you love. And not having to worry about money. So money is a piece of the puzzle, it’s not the whole puzzle.

Dr. K: So how does a person get there? We come with our belief systems, we are born, we have parents who maybe are struggling financially. You are kind of downloaded with all this programming from your childhood. How do you change that?

TB: I am a hypnotherapist, and a big part, I think, of cultivating prosperity consciousness, if it wasn’t handed to you by your parents, is working with the subconscious mind. I offer a lot of guided meditations and exercises in the book, that you can start to re-program the  limiting beliefs that maybe were handed down.

Most of us have heard things like, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”, or “We can’t afford it”. I say often that children are like iPods. When we arrive we are empty, and our parents download the information or the music or the material. And sometimes that music isn’t the music we want to play for the est of our lives. There’s lots of music available in the world, but until we download it on our iPod, we can’t play it. So for me, hypnosis, guided imagery, guided meditation is downloading the information and the music that you want to be able to play.

Dr. K: Isn’t it amazing, where you create new programming within your mind. So that you can, instead of having that old path, that might have been going on for generations. It might have been grandfather, father. So now it’s your turn to be, the same poor consciousness.

TB: Yes, absolutely. So yeah, it’s often handed down from generation-to-generation-to-generation. It’s not something that’s done consciously or intentionally. We just hand down to our children, what we know. And that goes on and on and on.

For me, I’m definitely a rags to riches, back-to-rags, and back to riches story. The first time I manifested my riches, I didn’t have the consent of my subconscious mind, so I couldn’t sustain it. Once I really hit my knees again, I really started studying the inner workings of the subconscious mind, and really healed a lot of those limiting beliefs.

And now my passion and purpose is to support other people in releasing those old beliefs that are no longer serving them, and uploading the new content that supports them, and really manifesting great success and prosperity.

Dr. K: I know you have a thriving practice, you have your radio show that is acclaimed, and huge amount of listeners. And I would suggest everyone to listen in to Journey to Center, it’s powerful. And also, it’s your second book.

TB: It’s my second book!

Dr. K: Yeah! So, proof is in the pudding.

TB: I like to learn from people who are living the examples of what they teach. And my intention is to do the same. The same with my first book Manifesting Love from The Inside Out. I had a lot of unsuccessful relationships, and finally really committed to myself, and set my intention to learn how to do it right. And again, it’s a lot of the inner work. And I found my way, and now my intention is to support others. And I get information from people all the time who have read that book, and they’re like “Thank you for changing my life, I now have an amazing relationship.” And I’m looking forward to getting those same types of messages around prosperity and success, and money.

Dr. K: Don’t they build on each other? Isn’t prosperity almost build on manifesting love or manifesting a healthy relationship?

TB: Yes. Well, whether it’s love or money, or even vibrant health, we manifest what we believe we deserve, not on the conscious level but on the subconscious level. And it all comes from the same place, that connection to the higher self, or to source. So whether it’s love or whether it’s money, we manifest what we believe we deserve. So it’s going in and really healing the limited beliefs, and increasing our value and our worthiness, so we can attract what we really, really want. Because water always finds its own level.

Dr. K: Exactly. And relationships … part of your journey, I know you were engaged to Kelsey Grammar, “Frasier”. Tell us a little bit about that.

TB: It was everything I thought that I wanted. I grew up in a little town in Kansas, and I said to my mother, “I’m going to marry somebody rich and famous someday.”  And I was engaged to him, and we were setting up the wedding date, and I didn’t feel well. I got everything that I thought that I wanted, but I was in so much pain. It was everything my ego and personality wanted, but it wasn’t everything that my soul wanted.  

So I surrendered that relationship, and then he met somebody a week later, and ended up marrying her. And it was the hardest, most painful thing I had gone through. But on a soul level, it was the most important and extraordinary experience. And because of it, I think I can support others from making that journey from hurt to hope.

Dr. K: And now you have … I know you are married to a wonderful man.

TB: Yeah, My soul is very happy.

Dr. K: Wonderful!

TB: Very fulfilled.

Photo by Samuel Clara on Unsplash