Fight Inflammation and Boost Immunity for Wellness with Homemade Fresh, Raw Juice

Jennifer Whitney, Nutritionist shows Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD an easy recipe to prepare fresh-pressed juices at home from raw fruits and vegetables that contain important phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants and beneficial enzymes, minerals and vitamins. These critical nutrients boost immunity, fight inflammation and support overall health and wellness. 

Dr. Karlfeldt: With me today I have Nutritionist Jennifer Whitney. And we’ve been talking about inflammation, and this looks like a feast to fight that. So what have we got here?

Jennifer Whitney, CHN, CGP, CHC:  Well, we have lots of fruits and vegetables and, very specific ones that help to boost the immune system and fight inflammation. And this a powerhouse of vegetables and fruits that can really help to do that.

Dr. K: So we’ve got celery, so why did you pick that?

JW: Celery contains something called a super-phyto nutrient, and it’s been proven to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. It can actually help to prevent high blood pressure and normalize high blood pressure. One to two glasses of celery juice a day.

Dr. K: Beautiful!

JW: And red apples actually contain the most anti-oxidants out of all apples. So I have those chopped up. The anti-oxidants also help remove free-radicals. Those damage cells in our bodies.

And we want to always continue eating fruits and vegetables with enzymes, because they only live for 1 to 21 days in our bodies. And all our cells need enzymes to function optimally.

Dr. K: And that helps tremendously to fight inflammation; all those enzymes.

JW: Definitely.

Dr. K: And we’ve got pineapple, turmeric, ginger, lemon.

JW: Lemons contain the most enzymes out of all fruits. And they are really high in Vitamin C. Which helps to fight even the common cold. Pineapple contains a really powerful enzyme called bromelain, and this has been clinically proven to help prevent inflammation.

And then we have ginger root and turmeric root. And I was fortunate to be able to find fresh turmeric root. These contain high amounts of phyto nutrients that really help to reduce inflammation in the body. If you can’t find this fresh, then you can just add a little bit of this spice to your juice in the end.

So I’m going to show you how to make this. We’re going to turn on our juicer.

Dr. K: Great!

JW: And I’m going to first put in some pineapple.

Dr. K: Are we doing all of this?

JW: Yep. You’re a good help!

It can be really fun. You can get your kids involved.

Dr. K: Oh well thank you, I feel like a kid! (laughing)

JW: An then just want to do these. And I’m going to put in about an inch of ginger root, and then an inch of the fresh turmeric root.

Dr. K: And do I do this with these?

JW: Yeah. And I recommend hand-juicing your lemons. Because that way you don’t get the white part in there, and that can be a little bit bitter.

Dr. K: And see, it’s already done there.

JW: Yeah, I’ve already done half of this. So just go ahead and juice the other half.

Dr. K: Okay.

JW: And, it’s looking delicious

Dr. K: Ooooh. Looking green!

JW: So I’m going to go ahead and pour this in. And it smells amazing. Ginger warms it up too, so it really helps to aid digestion. We’re going to pour in our fresh lemon juice. And you want to make sure to drink this within 1 – 20 minutes, so you really get benefit of the live, fresh enzymes. And just enjoy.

And if you can handle a little bit of spice, you can add a little bit more of cayenne and turmeric powder in the end.

Dr. K: Mmmmm. This is amazing. I can just feel my joints, how they are loosening up already.

Thank you very much, Jennifer.

JW: You’re welcome!

Photo by 5minuteparty on Flickr. 

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