Everything You Need to Know About DMSO IV Therapy

Dimethyl Sulfoxide (aka DMSO), is a simple sulfur compound first discovered in 1866, as an accidental byproduct of pulp and paper manufacturing. It then sat on the shelf for over 100 years before its many uses were recognized.

DMSO is used extensively in veterinary medicine as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever and even in IV form on horses for brain swelling. So why are we not using it more for humans? Especially when some of our main chronic illnesses today have to do with inflammation and pain?Good question. . .

In fact, it is being used all over the world for many serious illnesses and right here in Idaho at the Karlfeldt Center for these exact problems. I must say, it is one of my favorite IVs to give as results are seen rapidly and are long-lasting.

If you want even more validation, check out this interesting old production of “60 Minutes” from 1980 when Dr. Stanley Jacob was promoting its many uses and effectiveness.DMSO Uses Are Extensive

My favorite DMSO property is that it opens up the floodgates of our cells allowing other medicinals to enter and become much more effective. Even topically, DMSO has this property.

Imagine the possibilities!

When used in conjunction with other antibiotics, for example, they have found that DMSO can actually make antibiotic-resistant bugs, not resistant anymore. This is a big deal with all of the resistant bugs going around these days.

DMSO can also reach the microcirculation level, meaning that it can easily treat eye and lung issues as well as infiltrate tumors in hard to reach places. This is why it’s used all over the world for cancer treatments.

Currently, DMSO has been proven to effectively treat inflammation in the body, which includes arthritis, atherosclerosis or clogged arteries, chronic pain, stroke, head injuries, sports injuries, cataracts, cancer, and burns. DMSO decreases pain by blocking the nervous system, reducing swelling and decreasing inflammation.

And, because DMSO is a free radical scavenger, it can be used to detoxify the body by essentially dumping toxins from inside the cell. Nothing else does this.

Aesthetically, DMSO has been used to soften and stimulate collagen production, decreasing fine lines and stretch marks. It can diminish a bruise or a varicose vein and speed wound healing following a surgery.DMSO, a Powerhouse IV Booster

The Karlfeldt Center offers DMSO IVs with magnesium for the relief of inflammatory disorders and DMSO with Vitamin C that’s a 1-2 punch for eliminating toxins from the cell and neutralizing them. I have personally seen DMSO/Vitamin C IVs eliminate Gout in two to three treatments and decrease 20 years of arthritic pain in a few weeks. And by the way, you can ask the wonderful RN’s to add DMSO to an IV for further treatment boosting. You may smell like sulfur for a few short days, but trust me, it’s definitely worth it!

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