Dr. Péter Mester ND, LMT

Dr. Péter Mester is a naturopathic doctor whose practice focuses on Applied Psycho-Neurobiology and the unique bio-individuality of each patient. 

Growing up in Europe, Dr. Mester developed an early appreciation for Energy Medicine and the teachings of world-renowned physician Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD. Dr. Mester’s extensive training in Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing and The Vertical Healing System: the 5 Levels of Healing allows him to apply specific biological interventions that support health and healing from the inside out. 

In addition, his extensive training in bodywork includes:

This training allows him to work with patients to relieve both chronic and acute pain from the outside in. One of the elements of Dr. Mester’s practice that emphasizes the importance of environmental and energy medicine is his Healthy Home Assessment, a house call during which Dr. Mester analyzes the home environment for electromagnetic frequency and radiation and then makes recommendations for enhancing health and healing at home.

Dr. Mester is pleased to be practicing in the United States at the Karlfeldt Center: “When I was looking for a like-minded practice in the Northwest I was impressed by Dr. Karlfeldt’s integrative approach.  The talented physicians and practitioners at the Karlfeldt Center provide complementary modalities that support my patients in recovering and maintaining optimal health.”