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About Dr. Jason Barker

Dr. Jason Barker is a dedicated and experienced Naturopathic Medical Doctor. His journey in the field of natural medicine began with rigorous training at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA. What sets Dr. Barker apart is his unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing the complexities of health from a holistic perspective.

Integrative Medicine: A Holistic Approach

Dr. Barker’s clinical focus revolves around the principles of integrative medicine. This approach recognizes that health is influenced by a multitude of interconnected factors, including physical, emotional, mental, social, energetic, spiritual, and environmental elements. To truly optimize your well-being, he believes in addressing all facets of your health.

The Power of Listening

One of Dr. Barker’s fundamental practices is the art of listening. He understands that every individual is unique, shaped by their genetics, life experiences, and surroundings. Your journey to health is unlike anyone else’s. By taking the time to understand your healthcare needs, Dr. Barker becomes your dedicated partner in achieving your wellness goals.


Expertise in Pediatric Special Needs

Dr. Barker is a proud member of the Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs (MedMAPS). His extensive experience includes working with children on the Autism Spectrum. His compassionate and holistic approach to pediatric care has made a profound difference in the lives of many families.


Comprehensive Care

Dr. Barker’s practice extends to treating a wide range of health conditions. Whether you’re dealing with digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, Lyme disease, co-tick infections, auto-immune issues, allergies, or any other health challenge, Dr. Barker is well-equipped to provide comprehensive care.

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