Divine Healing

In this episode of HealthMade radio, explore the topic of Divine Healing and the scientifically-backed evidence from Harvard, Duke, and Vanderbilt Universities. Listen in as Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, Ph.D. interviews Dr. Jon Ruthven, Ph.D. on this fascinating topic.   

Listen to learn: 

  • How scientifically valid Divine Healing can be 
  • How effective and powerful it is (such as an 80% cure rate of PSTD)
  • Where the mandate of faith healing as found in the biblical gospels
  • What the one requirement is to harness the Power of Prayer 

Dr. Jon Ruthven

Dr. Jon Ruthven is an academic specialist in Christian healing. Most of his career consists of teaching ministry and theology in Kenya, Africa, and 22 years at the graduate level: 18 at Regent University School of Divinity and four years as founding mentor of a doctoral program track at United Theological Seminary in Ohio. This doctoral program has graduated over 100 students in the last few years.

He is presently constructing an online Ph.D. program for students in the Majority World, emphasizing the authentic ministry of Jesus, which is filled with healing miracles, which characterized the original Gospel of the New Testament.

The latter program focused on scientific research into Christian healing. His first book, On the Cessation of the Charismata [gifts of the Holy Spirit], was selected as tied for first for the “best book”, all-time, in Pentecostal/charismatic theology. His fourth book, Mandate: Restoring the Neglected Mission of Jesus, is due to be published this Spring.  

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