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In this inspiring HealthMade Radio interview Dr. Michael Karlfeldt speaks with Joe McQuillen, who is determined to turn the tragic loss of his son into a narrative that will bring comfort and hope to all that hear his message. Joe McQuillen, author, husband, and father to three children, two here on Earth and one on the other side. Joe’s son Christopher crossed at the tender age of 21. But their father-son relationship has carried on from opposite sides of the veil. Listen in to hear how a grieving father and self-described “regular guy” remains lovingly connected to his son, who has helped him author his two books from the other side.  

Topics of this Interview include:

About Joe McQuillen

Joe McQuillen, married and father of three children, one on the other side, is the youngest of 10 children from an Irish-Catholic family.

Although he has had two successful careers, he is at heart a blue-collar kid from Buffalo, NY. Starting as a salesman, he spent 25 years in the automobile business, eventually becoming executive manager and partner in a number of successful Chicago dealerships. After selling out in 2009, Joe began a second, impressive career as a mortgage broker.

Among his many charitable associations, Joe sits on the board of ln Balance Ranch Academy, a boarding school dedicated to helping troubled teens with addiction. Following the loss of his son, he began running a charity golf outing to benefit both In Balance Ranch and Penguin Players, a theater troupe of disabled young adults.

A proud member of AA and many years sober, Joe says that it “helped me to get close to God and carry me through the dark times after my boy’s crossing.” His journey has led him to speak knowledgeably and lovingly both to teens with addiction and to parents who have lost children and to write this book; We’re Not Done Yet, Pop: My Lessons from the Other Side.

Connect with Joe McQuillen

Facebook: joe.mcquillen.5

Book: We’re Not Done yet, Pop

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