Correcting Inflammation With a 30-Day Diet Overhaul

Have you ever considered how what you eat and the ingredients in your diet impacts your health? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt shares some ways to correct inflammation with foods to avoid and what to include in our diets to ensure our bodies receive maximum nutrition and support for healing and recovery. 

How can we correct inflammation? Try a 30-day overhaul.

If you feel committed to the cure, I’d have you remove these provocative foods: corn, soy, legumes, dairy and grains.

So what can you eat? Pastured, organic meats, wild fish (no farm-raised), organic eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds.

If this is not revolutionary, you may be someone for whom nightshade vegetables are inflammatory (includes tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, eggplants) and nuts or eggs.

If that seems entirely overwhelming, try cutting out dairy and gluten.

If that seems too much, then gluten is my top pick to remove from the diet.

Photo by Mike Mayer on Unsplash.

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