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After losing his mother, sister, and maternal grandmother to colon cancer, Al Sanchez committed to joining his family, friends, and colleagues in the quest to find better options, access to information, treatments – and ultimately a cure for those who have developed cancer and other health challenges. In this episode, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt and Al Sanchez spotlight the mitochondria, the critical role they play in helping the body heal itself, and why it’s so vital that we support them. They take time to discuss the importance of nutrient support, epigenetics, the impact of inflammation and uncover how, in the right environment, our body can maintain balance with prevention the obtainable goal. 

In this episode of HealthMade Radio:

More on Poly – MVA

Poly-MVA is the dietary supplement form of palladium lipoic complex. This brand name is logically based on the following representative components: Poly = combination of, M = minerals, V = vitamins, and A = Alpha-lipoic acid and amino acid and was designed to provide energy for compromised body systems. 

Lipoic Acid Mineral Complex (the complex inside of Poly-MVA) is a redox molecule (in basic scientific terms, that means that it can accept an electrical charge and donate that charge, which makes it an extremely effective energy-transferring molecule) that facilitates energy charge transfer at the cellular level, not only to our DNA but more importantly to our mitochondria, the power plant of the majority of our cells.

It can effectively protect cells and then safely provide energy to them. Many years of research and clinical studies provide consistent and ongoing evidence that Poly-MVA can support gene repair (in genes damaged by disease), various therapies, and degeneration because of its mitochondrial up-regulation with increased oxygen.

Once inside our cells, Poly-MVA supports average energy production of ATP via the Krebs cycle and its normal oxygen pathways. This normal energy pathway gives all our cells a boost and increasing cellular mitochondrial function while at the same time disrupting dysfunctional metabolism, particularly the metabolism of the (anaerobic) cancer cell that does not have the proper oxygen pathways as it is using glycolysis and non-oxygen pathways to create its energy for survival and replication.

More on Al Sanchez

Al Sanchez JR. has worn many hats over the years, including college instructor, researcher, and entrepreneur, and is the current president of AMARC Enterprises (worldwide distributors of Lipoic Acid Mineral Complexes, sold in supplement form as Poly-MVA). Al speaks at health conferences throughout the world, where he shares with audiences his scientific presentations on degenerative disease and his in-depth experiences and knowledge of health that have helped many people find answers, hope, and a better quality of life. Like so many others, he is dedicated to the belief that we can vastly improve the world’s health with educated choices, improved diet, and lifestyle, combined with natural products that can change a life – especially in cancer and other degenerative diseases – one person at a time. Al is also an avid supporter of non-profits involved in educating the public on practical, integrative approaches to cancer, including the Foundation for Advancement in Cancer Research, which has often supported research with Poly-MVA.

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