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As consumers and patients, we receive inaccurate information on how to prevent coronary heart disease, the number 1 cause of death in men and women in the U.S. 

Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD explains this briefly along with information on Chelation Therapy as an effective method for both prevention and treatment of plaque in the arteries that can lead to inflammation, heart disease and related health issues.

A heart attack or stroke can sneak up on you without any forewarning. Several years ago, Dr. Karlfeldt encountered a man and his daughter at a concert event at the Taco Bell Arena in Boise. He was leaning against the fence and Dr. Karlfeldt asked him if he was doing okay. The man responded that he was fine. In just minutes, the man was down on the ground, and Dr. Karlfeldt asked his daughter if her father was doing okay. She replied that he was having some trouble breathing.

Just a minute or two later as Dr. Karlfeldt walked toward him to ask further as to whether he was all right, the man went down on the ground and began convulsing. Dr. Karlfeldt noticed after checking his pulse and feeling nothing, began doing chest compressions and CPR. The man had absolutely no forewarning or indication that he would be soon having a heart attack: he was there enjoying time with his daughter and all of a sudden was on the ground having a heart attack; a traumatic event, no doubt, for both him and his daughter. The ambulance came quickly and took him to the hospital and saved his life.

When you have blocked arteries you typically don’t know ahead of time, and it is important to be proactive instead of waiting for this type of event to occur. There are a lot of precautions and lifestyle choices you can take to prevent this kind of outcome. Considerations include your diet (what you are eating) – such as inflammatory foods that will clog up the arteries.

Chelation Therapy is an extremely effective in prevention of keeping the arteries clean to allow them to supply nutrients and oxygen-rich blood to the heart and the entire body. If you have any concern or indication that your cardiovascular system is compromised, if you have had a poor lifestyle for many years and are concerned that there may be an issue, this is a fantastic way to help prevent stroke or heart attack.

The gentleman described above who fell on the ground travels out of the country quite often for business, and was very grateful to have had his life saved. As he was coming back to the U.S from abroad on a plane, there was another person on that plane who experienced a heart attack but did not survive. It is important to address this silent killer that you have no idea is going on inside of you.

Chelation Therapy has a 60-year track record of safety and effectiveness. Over those 6 decades, over one million patients have undergone chelation therapy.


“Two years ago I had a stroke and my doctor said there was a good chance I wouldn’t speak, walk, or use my arm again. After chelation therapy, I now walk and exercise almost normally, and often speak in front of large groups of people. I am off Coumadin and Lasix, my cholesterol dropped almost 100 points, and we travel. Chelation therapy has given me my life back.”

Phyllis, age 66.

“My blood pressure was as high as 220/165, with severe angina, loss of sight in one eye, and I was headed for bypass surgery. I had heard of Chelation and chose to try it instead of the bypass surgery. Now my blood pressure holds steady at a normal level 120/78, the angina was gone after only the 5th treatment, and my vision is better than ever. I have a healthy and active life ahead of me!”

John, age 57

These are the kind of effects you can achieve as a result of cleaning out your arteries. For instance, you eyes have tiny little blood vessels. If they are blocked, the eye won’t receive the nutrition it needs in order to function properly. Through Chelation Therapy you can start to remove all the cholesterol and plague build-up in the eye.

It’s not really the cholesterol number that is the issue. You can have someone with a 300+ level of cholesterol and their arteries are fine. And you can have someone that submits their blood for a test and discover that they have a cholesterol level of 100, but they are filled with plaque all over.

To look at the level of cholesterol and determine whether you are healthy through that number really has no correlation. What matters is whether your vessels are inflamed or not. If they are inflamed, you will have the plaque build-up.

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Photo by Bailey Zindel on Unsplash.