Conditions and Specialties

The human body is an amazingly designed, highly functional and complex organism. Our bodies have more than 37 trillion cells, 600 muscles, 206 bones, 80 organs (including 22 internal, around 15 major and five vital) and 13 “systems.” 

As a complex machine with so many parts, and in such a demanding society, we all experience some level of illness, reduced functioning or downright dysfunction in our bodies at times. When an occasional annoyance becomes a common issue, we generally call it a condition: a set of symptoms and manifestations that indicate an illness or a dys-regulated organ or system. 

The good news is that naturopathic healthcare’s goal is to not only reduce and alleviate symptoms, but to find and fix the root of the problem so that you can experience as much freedom from those health conditions as possible.

Because naturopathy focuses on the root cause, no matter what your condition, we can likely help!

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While we have treated hundreds of conditions, we specialize in the following condition segments.

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