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Chronic Pain is a prevalent fact of life for many in modern-day America. In fact, it’s estimated that over 56 million individuals suffer from some form of chronic pain each year. Many who are suffering from chronic lower back, neck, or joint pain turn to OTC pain medications for relief, but with the severe side effects that often accompany these medications, some are seeking alternative options. 

AN FDA-Approved, Safe and Effective Solution to Chronic Pain

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also called Cold Laser, provides a cost-effective, non-invasive alternative to other types of treatment. Utilizing specific light frequencies that penetrate all the way to the cellular level, LLLT has been studied and proven effective in reducing pain and inflammation, as well as in treating conditions such as Carpal Tunnel, acne, scarring, and even wound healing. 

There are well over 2000 published studies on Cold Laser treatment, reporting zero negative side effects. For more information on these studies, visit Erchonia’s website. 

How Does Cold Laser Work? 

Cold Laser treatments work at the cellular level. 

A chemical known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is vital to running the body and healing tissue. Every one of the body’s vital functions is influenced by ATP, in much the same way as gasoline runs a car. Low-Level Laser treatments penetrate all the way to the cellular level where ATP is produced and stimulates the mitochondria to produce a higher level of ATP than normal. With higher levels of ATP available to the cells, they work better and faster, healing tissue more quickly and bringing relief sooner. 

More than Pain Relief

As an additional benefit, LLLT stimulates a “systemic” production of ATP, meaning that your entire body has increased access to the healing benefits. While the majority of studies surrounding LLLT have focused on pain relief and tissue regeneration, the list of symptoms that respond to Cold Laser treatments is growing! 

Here at the Karlfeldt Center, we are employing the LLLT in conjunction with Neurofeedback to increase effectiveness and stimulate more rapid healing of the brain. This is a new service we are excited to offer, along with the many other uses of LLLT. 

Cold laser treatments are short and sweet, and yet produce noticeable results in many patients within one or two sessions. Schedule an appointment today at the Karlfeldt Center!