Understanding GLP-1 and Its Impact on Weight Loss and Metabolic Health

GLP-1, or Glucagon-Like Peptide-1, is an incretin hormone that plays a critical role in our body’s metabolic function and can greatly impact weight loss. Understanding GLP-1, its function, and its effect on the body can provide invaluable insights into managing weight and improving metabolic health. GLP-1 and Appetite Regulation The connection between GLP-1 and appetite […]

Eat like Super Bowl Champion Tom Brady

The Tom Brady Diet has received a fair amount of press and attention recently. He explains that the diet is a combination of West and Eastern philosophies, following principles that have been in practice for thousands of years. Some may find his diet restrictive, but to him it is quite natural. “Many people have conditioned […]

Metabolism & Weight Loss

Metabolism & Weight Loss – A Fine Balance The metabolic process is the way the body converts food into energy. Understanding this gives us insight into why our metabolism is so closely linked with weight gain and loss. When the metabolism is functioning properly, the body performs a combination of biochemical processes. These processes include […]