Support Healthy Aging Naturally Using Nutrients and Herbs

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt provides his recommendations on supplements that are important to consider to support healthy aging naturally, to reduce inflammation, increase circulation, more efficient nutrient transport, heart, brain, nerve and joint health. I want to show you some supplements from Standard Process that are important for aging that are very beneficial. One […]

Nutritional Supplements to Address the Root Cause of Chronic Health Issues

If you are interested in healing your body instead of simply taking pharmaceuticals which manage, rather than cure disease, watch this short segment from the Dr. Michael Show where Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD talks about specific nutritional supplements to begin to address the causes of chronic health issues many people face. The key with […]

Exercise and Supplements – What You Need for Optimal Performance and Support

As part of the Warrior Recovery Program at The Karlfeldt Center, which includes spine care, hyperbaric oxygen chamber and IV nutrition, we also recommend powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory components for competition or stressful events. Vitamin C and glutathione are essential and we offer them in a lipospheric form, meaning they come in a lipid package, and is […]