Raw Foods and Pain Management

Do you experience chronic pain, reduction in movement, and other chronic health issues? In many cases, these symptoms are indicators of chronic inflammation in the body from toxicity. When the body becomes too toxic, a number of different symptoms and illnesses can appear. Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD talks about how to reverse this cycle […]

Stem Off Surgery with Stem Cell and PRP Injection Event

Do aching joints, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, or knee problems keep you from enjoying the activities and pain-free lifestyle that you used to experience? Join Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., along with Dr. Craig Smith, M.D. and Dr. Jon Harmon, D.C. as they discuss these highly effective techniques that have little to no downtime or side […]

Sciatica Acting Up? Here Are Some Solutions to Ease Your Symptoms

Sciatica is no joke. If you’ve got sciatica, it can be difficult to even stand or walk without pain, let alone keep up with your day-to-day responsibilities. Fortunately, there are some things you can to do ease your sciatica pain naturally, and many of them don’t even involve a trip to the doctor’s office. Keep […]

Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy

The nerves of your autonomic system provide a vast network of electrical circuits, having a total length of twelve times the circumference of the earth, and connecting every one of your 40 trillion cells to form a living whole human organism.  This autonomic system controls the vital processes everywhere in your body. Scar tissue can […]

Arthritis & Pain Management

Arthritis, Joint Regeneration & Pain Management Dealing with joint pain and arthritis naturally isn’t limited to visits to your chiropractor (although we highly recommend you do see your chiropractor first for these issues!). If you’re dreading the idea of surgery for a joint, tendon, or ligament-related injury and desire to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle, […]

Complete Body Vibe

Complete Body Vibe benefits include increased circulation, muscle strength, and flexibility, better range of motion, core conditioning/stability, and faster muscle recovery after working out. The health benefits also include enhanced metabolism, increased bone mineral density, reduction of the stress hormone cortisol, elevation of human growth hormone levels, and improved lymphatic flow. Whole-body vibration will also […]

Legalizing CBD? But At What Cost?

CBD is a chemical component of the hemp plant that has many healing properties. It is a common mistake to equate hemp and CBD with marijuana and its mind-altering constituent THC. The most obvious difference is that hemp and CBD cannot give you a high. Because of this association, the legal interpretation of the attorney […]

Natural Remedies for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be an incredibly crippling and sporadic condition. While doctors often describe chronic pain as any pain that lasts between 3 – 6 months, for some it can be a lifelong burden. The pain stems from a series of messages that are being sent to your nervous system. Once the nervous system has […]

The Truth About Stem Cell Injections

Even though stem cells are not new in science, most people are hesitant about their benefits because of the controversies surrounding its therapies. Questions such as are stem cells effective and safe often crop up in the discussion. While early research focused on benefits of embryonic and non-embryonic stem cells; recent studies have identified pluripotent […]