Muscle-Testing Using Laser Energetic Detox for Thyroid and Other Health Issues

If you’ve ever experienced thyroid, liver or other health issues, watch this segment from the Dr. Michael Show where Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD demonstrates how to determine whether heavy metals are a factor in these and other health issues that affect various organ systems in our bodies.  With me I have Hannah Harnick as […]

“Light Medicine” and Using Laser Energetics to Heal the Body

Have you ever heard of laser technology to promote recovery for chronic health issues caused by nutrient-deficiencies, toxin overload, and even cancer? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt explains briefly how “light medicine” can be used safely and quickly to encourage the body to use its resources for natural healing.  There’s much more to the body than meets […]

Naturopathic Medicine Demonstration of Laser Energetic Detox

In this video, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt performs a demonstration of how Laser energetic detox works.  Laser energetic detox is a powerful technique that uses a form information that is transferred into the individual, and can then transfer information such as the heavy metal or chemical. How do you correct these areas when a patient experiences […]