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Low Body Temperature and its Connection to Chronic Disease

Identification and Detoxification of Formaldehyde Using Muscle-Testing and Laser Energetic Detox

A common finding in cancer sufferers is a low body temperature, or at least a much deregulated distribution of temperature in the body. Where a fever is viewed as the body having the energy it needs to burn off viruses, bugs and clean up unhealthy tissue and is believed to be a corrective process, lowered […]

Why We Should Eat Fermented and Cultured Foods for Immunity and Optimal Health

In modern life and industrialized, convenience-based living, one of the things we don’t do much of is consume real cultured and fermented foods. We tend to purchase packaged, processed foods and eat those, primarily, in our everyday diets. So, why would we want to buy and eat these foods, anyway?  The history of fermented foods […]

Prevention of and Recovery from Disease and Illness Using Vitamin C

Looking for a natural way to support immunity, recovery from disease and overall wellness? Vitamin C is very effective in resolving illness, along with plenty of rest, avoiding toxins and consuming a traditional, real food diet.  For acute health issues including flu, colds, childhood disease, constipation and other issues, take Liposomal Vitamin C in teaspoon doses every […]