Slowing Down, Reducing Stress, and Giving Your Body the Nutrition it Needs for Health

Have you or someone you love experienced chronic disease? Have your efforts to improve those conditions seemed to go nowhere? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD briefly talks about how healing from disease involves more than taking pills; it’s about slowing ourselves down, improving our diets, and requires a fundamental mind shift change that has a […]

How Stress Impacts our Adrenal Gland Function and Overall Health to Create Chronic Disease

Do you frequently find yourself feeling exhausted, and feel you simply cannot get enough rest? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD discusses why our fast-paced, jam-packed schedules contribute to chronic fatigue and health issues that are preventable by dietary and lifestyle changes.  The stress in American society really impacts us in many different ways. The adrenals […]

Recipe: The Health Benefits of Bok Choy

Nutritionist Jennifer Whitney, CHN shows Dr. Michael Karlfeldt how to prepare bok choy, a staple vegetable used in Asian cooking. Combined with Shiitake mushrooms, ginger and carrots are a delicious, nutritious side-dish that can be prepared to go alongside any meal such as chicken and quinoa. Bok choy is from the cabbage family. Bok choy […]

What are Traditional Foods and Why are They Important to Our Health?

Have you heard the term traditional foods and wondered what it means? When you think about traditional foods, do you imagine hunter-gatherers of long ago? They did everything by hand and prepared food from scratch. Or, do you think about the pioneers living out on the prairie or edge of the forest who began to […]

18 Tips for Supporting Digestive Wellness and Healing Chronic Issues

Digestion is at the center of health and wellness. If we can’t digest our food, digestive function will become impaired – and so will the rest of the body’s organ systems. 85 percent of your immune system resides in the digestive tract, and this system can become weakened and compromised when processed foods are consumed […]

So You Believe Your Food Is Organic?

We hear the word “organic” and certain ideas come to mind. “Healthy”, “pure” or “clean” may be some of the ideas we come up with. What’s confusing is that sometimes we are led to believe that simply because something is labeled organic, it must truly be healthy… Right? To be assured you are getting something […]

11 Reasons Your Health Hasn’t Improved Despite “Eating Healthy”

So you’ve started transitioning from processed foods and are more aware of the food you are putting in your body. That’s good news! You’ve started paying attention to organic foods. Perhaps your eating more fruits and vegetables. Or, you’re becoming more aware of poultry, meat and dairy products from clean, sustainable sources. Maybe you’ve made […]