Food Industry Deceptions: Low-Fat and Fat-Free

Low-fat products are the darlings of the processed food world. They have been center stage in conventional health recommendations for decades. Doctors, health “experts”, personal trainers, and dietitians alike have touted the benefits of eating low-fat and low-calorie foods. These experts repeatedly warn us about fat and cholesterol being harmful for our health, and claim […]

4 Ways to Avoid Consuming GMOs (Genetically-Modified Organisms)

Extreme conditions in our food supply call for education, awareness and conscientious purchasing habits on behalf of consumers. Avoiding GMOs is not necessarily easy. However, to safeguard your health and ensure a clean environment, avoiding these substances has become an absolutely necessity. So much is at stake when we consider the current state of contamination […]

Food Industry Deceptions: Made with “Natural” or “All-Natural” Ingredients

The term “all-natural” is pervasive on the labels of processed, packaged food products. Deceptive phrases used to market the sale of products can convince consumers that the product is healthy, when nothing could be further from the truth. As with many commercial products, labeling information is filled with half-truths and misleading statements, or information is […]