Cancer Treatments: A Cancer Patient’s Journey

Learning you or a loved one has cancer can be devastating. Even worse, navigating the cancer treatment process can be scary and confusing. That’s why Karlfeldt Center’s proficiency in naturopathic cancer treatments is crucial when determining the best course of action. We provide a wide variety of supplemental therapies that work with conventional treatments to help maximize a patient’s health and well-being to defeat cancer. At the Karlfeldt Center, we recognize that by maximizing health, we are supporting an environment that is unfriendly to cancer.

Cancer Treatments: A Cancer Patient’s Journey

Patients choose naturopathic cancer treatments for several reasons. Some have witnessed successful outcomes others have experienced with alternative medicine. Others want to avoid the toxic and unwanted side effects of chemotherapy. With so much at stake in the cancer treatment process, there is no better team than The Karlfeldt Center. We use our extensive knowledge of naturopathic oncology and alternative medicine to create a successful treatment plan to regain your health and wellness.

Diagnosis & Testing

Cancer is a complex multifactorial disease. There is no cookie-cutter solution since the behavior of cancer in the individual is unique to the patient. The Karlfeldt Center’s approach is to evaluate the individual terrain of a patient, investigate root causes, and identify the specific cancer drivers to figure out what your body needs to fight your specific cancer. From this, we create a custom treatment protocol specifically for you. Working around conventional treatments, we will evaluate and address the following to give you the best possible care.


We create customized cancer treatment plans designed to attack cancer cells, inhibit their ability to spread, and boost overall health to defeat the disease. Our goal is to eliminate any underlying factors that may promote the development of cancer.

At the core of our integrative oncology program is Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). Photodynamic therapy utilizes specific photosensitizers that are introduced intravenously, interstitially, and orally. These photosensitizers have the ability to accumulate in cancer cells. After the introduction of a photosensitizer, the cancer cells are exposed to powerful laser light that triggers oxidation of the cancer cells, killing them. The photosensitizers in the cancer cells intensify the impact of laser light on cancer cells. The beauty is that the same laser light that triggers oxidation of cancer cells supports the health of non-cancerous cells.

To maximize the saturation of photosensitizers in cancer cells, the Karlfeldt Center uses a platelet-derived nanoparticle delivery system. Platelets are drawn to areas of inflammation. The microenvironment of a tumor is highly inflammatory. The small size of the nanoparticles allows them to penetrate any tissue to offload the photosensitizer in the tumor microenvironment.

To enhance the efficacy of the photodynamic therapy, The Karlfeldt Center will layer it with additional therapies, e.g., to support oxidation of cancer cells with IV infusions of ozone, high dose vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide, and artesunate; Poly MVA and DCA to inhibit cancer metabolism and support mitochondrial activation of the death switch of cancer cells; Mistletoe to promote immune system activity; and Curcumin, Boswellia and DMSO to reduce the activity of tumor-promoting cancer drivers.

The Karlfeldt Center is also proud to offer the Kelley protocol in conjunction with all its other therapies to its cancer patients. The Kelley protocol was created by Dr. William Kelley, who cured himself of pancreatic cancer using it and went on to treat about 30,000 cancer patients with a 50+% success rate. The Kelley protocol uses high-strength pancreatic enzymes in a systematic fashion to support the breakdown of tumor tissue. Dr. Karlfeldt and his staff have been trained by and are in direct collaboration with Pamela McDougle, who worked with Dr. Kelley during his last seven years. Using the Kelley protocol, she reproduced a similar success rate with the 6,000+ cancer patients she treated. A high percentage of the patients Dr. Kelley and Pamela saw were cancer patients that had failed traditional therapies.

When addressing cancer, it is important to take a multi-pronged approach. Areas that are important to address:

Cellular mitochondrial function​

Mitochondria is the energy factory within a cell. It also controls the cell death switch, also known as apoptosis. Cancer cells become immortal by bypassing the mitochondria and producing energy through a fermentation cycle. Repairing and activating the mitochondria in a cancer cell turns on the cell death switch killing the cancer cell. Supporting the mitochondrial health of non-cancerous cells prevents them from becoming cancerous inhibiting the growth of cancer and metastasis.


Apoptosis is the process of programmed cell death. It is used to rid the body of cells that have been damaged beyond repair. If apoptosis is, for some reason, prevented, it can lead to uncontrolled cell division and the subsequent development of a tumor. Supporting mitochondrial health has become a successful strategy for supporting appropriate apoptosis. Other techniques push the cell into apoptosis through oxidation and/or starvation. It is known that cancer cells feed on sugar. Starving the cancer cell reduces its ability to protect itself, making it more vulnerable to oxidative therapies such as chemotherapy, radiation, and anti-tumor photodynamic therapy (PDT).

Change the Terrain – Detoxification

Cancer is not an isolated event. It is interdependent with its environment and develops in an environment that promotes its existence. Changing the environment will change the behavior of the tumor. Toxins, infections, emotional stressors and traumas, and nutritional deficiencies are known to promote the development of cancer. By removing these driving factors, the reasons for cancer cease to exist, and the immune system can more efficiently attack the cancer and kill it.

Cancer Drivers

The survival and progression of cancer depend on a number of cancer drivers. Each cancer has its unique set of cancer drivers. For example, cancer drivers that are associated with pancreatic cancer include STAT-3, EGFR, NFκB, COX-2, PGE-2, IGF-1, IGFR, PPARγ, κRas, PKCi oncogene, VEGF, VEGFR, MMPs, TGF, Bcl-2, SP-1, SP-3 and SP-4 transcription factors, myeloid-derived suppressor cell MDSC, tumor-associated macrophage TAM, Akt. These drivers can be targeted using nutraceutical interventions such as curcumin, quercetin, melatonin, and medicinal mushrooms. To understand the power of these natural agents, take curcumin as an example, the pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars trying to duplicate what curcumin does naturally without the toxic side effects.


When cells become hypoxic or oxygen-deficient, they shift how they produce energy from an aerobic process using the mitochondria to an anaerobic process using fermentation. Fermentation produces by-products that support the survival of cancer and promotes its progression. Promoting healthy tissue oxygenation supports

Immune System

At the end of the day, the immune system does most of the work to kill off cancer cells. Especially if someone resorts to surgery, chemo, and/or radiation. None of these therapies gets rid of all the cancer. We need to rely on the immune system to clear out the rest after therapies. A weak and beaten-down immune system will do a very poor job at this, especially if it is attacked by chemo.

Cancer Stem Cells (CSC)

Traditional medical cancer therapies are great at shrinking and debulking tumors. What they are not good at is protecting the body from cancer stem cells. We feel successful when we see the initial tumor shrinking, not thinking that metastatic tumors, not the initial tumor, are the cause of more than 90% of cancer-related deaths. The cancer stem cells are the engine of tumor evolution and drive the colonization of distant organs and tissue. Studies show that CSCs are enriched after chemotherapy because a small subpopulation of cells remaining in tumor tissue, so-called CSCs, can survive and expand though most chemotherapeutic agents kill the bulk of tumors. Therefore, we need to incorporate strategies to calm down the activity of CSC while undergoing traditional care and support the immune system’s ability to keep them in check.

To achieve the most beneficial and sustainable results, our naturopathic oncology treatments include the following modalities.

Recovery & Remission

With a high success rate, patients in remission often return to good health after cancer treatment. However, we will continue to improve your long-term health so that you can enjoy the years ahead as a cancer survivor. We provide a wide variety of natural treatments designed to address and prevent health conditions that may predispose you to cancer. From general improvements in nutrition and quality of life to comprehensive long-term approaches to serious systemic health challenges, we’ll be with you every step of the way. 

A Cancer Patient's Story

“Looking back today, I can see that I’d been having symptoms of esophageal cancer for a while. I’d just been ignoring or downplaying them as typical issues that most people develop as they get older. However, after an unexpected scare of passing out on the bathroom floor and my wife finding me, I was rushed to the hospital, where I underwent a day and a half of tests that concluded I had cancer and that it had spread to one of my lymph nodes. While the prognosis was terrifying, to say the least, I knew that I needed to create a game plan to beat this. That’s why I decided to contact the Karlfeldt Center.

Working around my chemotherapy, I cannot say enough about their entire staff of professionals. The Karlfeldt team was brilliant at developing a customized treatment plan to address the underlying issues contributing to my cancer. I really counted on their guidance in outsmarting my cancer and building a course of action. I am still on my healing journey, but I’ve been in remission now for almost five years. I am grateful for every day and grateful for the team that has supported me.”  – J.M.

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At the Karlfeldt Center, we understand having cancer is a stressful situation. Our expert team of professionals is 100% dedicated to your full recovery and will be with you every step of the way. With us, you can rest assured that our number one goal is to help you get healthy again.

If you have any questions or want help creating or improving your cancer program, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer free 15-minute consultations with Dr. Karlfeldt so that you can get started on the right foot. To schedule a free 15-minute cancer consultation, call us at (208) 338-8902 or click here to contact us.

We look forward to being part of your cancer solution!

Dr. Karlfeldt, N.D., PhD

“Losing my father to colon cancer has made this very personal to me! He was just another number at the cancer center fading away while receiving the traditional standard of care. I believe when you are fighting for your life, you deserve the best and most effective medical and integrative cancer care, even if it doesn’t fit within the scope of traditional care. It is my mission to offer cancer patients cutting edge, integrative oncology care at my premier integrative health center here in Idaho, The Karlfeldt Center.”

Dr. Michael Karlfeldt has been practicing naturopathy for over 30 years. His passion to promote Natural Health publicly has led Dr. Michael Karlfeldt to be a sought after lecturer, writer, and educator.

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