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Cancer is something that has impacted every single one of our lives in some way. Even if you’re not dealing with cancer yourself, you almost certainly have a loved one who is, or at the very least a close friend.

When someone receives a diagnosis for any kind of cancer, there are certain steps that person is expected to take. Consult with an oncologist, have surgery, go through chemo or radiation, try to survive.

But what if that weren’t everything you could do? What if there were additional, integrative therapies that could increase your body’s ability to fight back and improve your overall well-being?

On this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Karlfeldt interviews one of the leading experts in alternative therapies for cancer treatment. Dr. Paul Anderson, N.M.D. is a world recognized authority in the field of integrative cancer research and the treatment of chronic diseases, genomic conditions, and autoimmune and infectious disorders. His recent book, Outside the Box: Cancer Therapies, is packed with vital information on the most current research into alternative and integrative therapies.

Dr. Anderson shares his extensive research into treating cancer outside the box. Integrative therapies are on a spectrum from prevention of disease in the first place, to use during standard treatments, to taking care of your body and supporting your overall health before, during, and after treatment.

Defining Integrative Therapies

Dr. Anderson defines integrative therapy as anything that takes care of and supports the entire body. True integrative therapy supports and strengthens healthy cells, while starving unhealthy cells and promoting the death of diseased cells.

These therapies include (among many others):

Who Can Benefit from Integrative Therapy?

Anyone can find benefits in integrative therapy. In fact, healthy people can use these therapies for preventative purposes, strengthening their healthy cells and destroying diseased cells before they can multiply.

Older patients who may not qualify for chemo or radiation may find that integrative therapies both prolong their lives and improve the quality of their lives. Others who have finished radiation or chemo therapy and feel awful because of the intense treatments will find integrative therapies can help restore a healthy balance in their bodies and bring health back more quickly.

And, of course, anyone going through standard cancer treatments should consider the benefits of integrative therapy in suppressing cancer stem cells and strengthening their normal, healthy cells.

Find out more about how important integrative therapy is in this episode of HealthMade Radio! Dr. Paul Anderson digs deep into the science of health, discussing the difference between cancer stem cells and the regular cancerous tumor cells we are familiar with, as well as how integrative therapies are vital in combating these cancer stem cells long after standard treatments end.

HealthMade Radio is a community for natural health seekers where we educate people about common health conditions and share extensive research on the most effective natural health treatments. A core concept and belief is in the innate intelligence and healing power of the body. If properly supported spiritually, emotionally, and nutritionally, it can find its way back to health. HealthMade Radio brings information from integrative health experts from around the world!

– your host, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt