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Our bones do more than just support our body while walking, sitting and all the activities we do each and every day. Bones are biologically active and ever changing framework for the structure of our health. Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD explains how bones are a foundation that are constantly changing; they house our blood vessels and cells that produce bone marrow which create tissue and red blood cells, are responsible for healthy functioning of our immune system, and much more. 

Bones are a biologically active part of the body. Contrary to the standard health approach, when it comes to bones and receiving the correct nutritional elements, it is not simply a matter of a calcium deficiency we are looking at. Although we view bones as solid and non-changing, they are continually being replaced, and are are a living tissue composed of multiple layers of active tissue that serve as “support beams” that hold us up.  

Within these layers of bone tissue, there are a variety of cells that: 

That’s why it’s important to understand that bone tissues are hardly static; they divide and die. Bones are dynamic and change as you age and respond to stress, and act as a storehouse for minerals in the body.

Bones are similar to the framework of a building, they are constantly:

Bone marrow inside the bones produces all the blood and stem cells in the body, and is also home to many different blood vessels. Without bone marrow, you wouldn’t have respiration nor an immune system.

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Photo by Ana Viegas on Unsplash.