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In this uplifting interview, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Bob Cafaro, who battled MS that left him blind and unable to use his hands, yet today, he is cured, in perfect health, and shows no signs of MS.

After a shocking diagnosis that would begin stripping Bob Cafaro of his ability to perform, sheer willpower and changes to his daily life allow him to beat all odds. Bob Cafaro played chamber music full time and served on the faculty of the University of Virginia until 1983 when he became a regular with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. He later joined the Baltimore Symphony and, in 1985, became a member of the Philadelphia Orchestra. Then, in 1999, Bob was stricken with a virulent case of Multiple Sclerosis, which left him nearly blind and without the use of his hands. Refusing to accept his prognosis, Bob set out to cure himself of the disease. He has since continued his career as a cellist with the Philadelphia Orchestra. Today he is in perfect health and shows no signs of MS.

In this episode, learn: 

I wanted to become someone who will accomplish the impossible. The mind is capable of doing all these things – we are able to defy the rules with our minds – the greatest untapped resource at our disposal. Train my mind – meditating commands train my mind to make physical changes to my body. 

More about Bob Cafaro

Bob is passionate about inspiring and motivating those who have Multiple Sclerosis and other illnesses. “I want to help people. I want to show them how I BEAT MS”. The successful mindset and methods he used to beat his incurable illness can be applied to other diseases, injuries, and many of life’s challenges. One unique feature of having Bob as a speaker is the added treat of his performance on the cello. This is special because at Bob’s lowest point with MS, he was unable to use his hands or play the cello. Hearing and watching Bob play clearly illustrates how effectively he cured himself of MS. Bob enjoys working with audiences of all ages – from pre-school to the workforce and retirement communities. In his book, When The Music Stopped My Battle and Victory against MS, Bob shares the knowledge he gained from extensive research, personal life experiences, and studying people who have accomplished the impossible. In 2013, after being symptom-free for a decade, he submitted to MRIs that confirmed that all 53 brain lesions and several spinal lesions were gone. Completely. Fully. Entirely.

BobCafaro.com (for more from Bob and to get a signed copy of When the Music Stopped)

When the Music Stopped digital download on amazon.com

Connect with Bob Cafaro

Website: BobCafaro.com

Facebook: TheBobCafaro

Instagram: thebobcafaro

YouTube: bobcafarocello

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