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Dr. Karlfeldt, ND, PhD talks with David Dehaas of Living Waters about the biomat and how this device opens up cell wall channels to allow toxins to exit and nutrients in for helping the body heal from chronic disease.

Dr. Karlfeldt: Welcome back. With me I have David Dehaas from Living Waters. And you’ve got somebody laying quite comfortable here. What’s going on?

David Dehaas: Yes, we’ve got Miss Rachel here, enjoying the biomat.

Dr. K: So you’ve actually have stones in this thing? I see these little pockets here.

DD: Yes. Literally, she’s laying on rocks. Amethyst stone has been known for its healing properties for many centuries. And what this company did is they found that when you take far-infrared light waves through the amethyst and tourmaline, it literally made the far-infrared waves shorter, and it gave more health benefits than the typical far-infrared light waves.

Dr. K: That’s amazing. So just by laying on it, then, that radiates … what does it radiate? Some far-infrared light waves?

DD: Yeah, you won’t of course, see the light waves. NASA discovered this technology years ago, far-infrared light waves. And it has many health benefits.

So right now as she’s laying here, she’s got a mat over her, and she’s laying on a mat as well.

Now the reason we got excited about this for our detoxification process at Living Wellness Center, is that for 2 reasons: It relaxes people, #1. So then when they did the cleansing with colonics and other services, we found that they had a deeper cleanse.

But the other thing is, I got a book from Japan, it’s translated, it’s called Fourth Degree Medical Refugees. As I started reading it, I found out that there, in their hospitals, they literally use 2 mats. They sandwich between it, as part of their protocol for the treatment of cancer.

Dr. K: So this actually helps a person dealing with cancer, and they are laying on this.

DD: Exactly. And we’ll probably be able to bring up a shot on the screen, of a lady with breast cancer. Over three months time, you can see the dramatic change in the breast cancer reduction.

Dr. K: Because I know in thermography, when you have these pictures, you can see the heat that radiates, in circulation around the cancer. So actually in three months, you’ll see a huge benefit?

DD: Exactly. And basically, I can kind of animate how things work. If you think about it, this turns on a thing called heat shock proteins. Well, the audience probably doesn’t know what those are. But, basically, think of it as … do you remember a game called Pac-Man?

Dr. K: Yeah.

DD: Well there’s NK cells, T-cells, lymphocytes. And those guys literally get boosted up, to wake up, and go out and kill off the bad guys.

Dr. K: So that’s what this does. So it kind of initiates the process of the immune system to do what it’s supposed to do.

DD: Exactly.

We talk about toxicity a lot on this show. And I know you address that a lot with your patients. Think about toxicity in cells. How do we get toxins out and nutrition in? Well, this opens up those cell wall channels.

Dr. K: Oh?!

DD: Negative ions are produced. Negative ions, if you’ve been to a rainforest … or if you noticed in Boise, when it rains and it clears the air, you feel better.

Dr. K: Absolutely!

DD: It enhances the mood. So what it’s doing, it’s opening up your cell wall channels of negative ions

In a polluted environment, those are literally shut down. Right now it’s very polluted here. So those cell wall channels are not opening up. So laying on a biomat will open up the cell wall channels, let the toxins come out.

So people with arthritis, or soreness or stiffness. I referee basketball and soccer. So I might referee 10-15 games a week, or more. I get on this mat for about 1/2 hour, maybe an hour maximum. And I’m like new.

We love this. My kids have got a mini mat. This is what they call a mini mat. The bigger one is called a professional. Each one of them have them on their beds. They love it. Every night.

Dr. K: So, this will literally help with the inflammation. You’re running around on the court, your tissue gets sore. And there’s help with that inflammatory process.

DD: It will help with that, it helps cardiovascular systems, it helps to clear up your blood, blood purification. We have a slide on that, I believe, to bring up, blood purification.

We’ve also noticed great benefits, just in general … you’re going to lay on this mat … and most people, you feel yourself going to sleep, Rachel (laughing). You literally most people just fall asleep. And they wake up a half hour later and they literally feel like they just had a 2-3 hour nap. That much of a recharge. They’re awesome. Most requested tool at Living Waters.

Dr. K: Who should have one?

DD: Our clients would say everyone. Everyone can benefit from a biomat, even if you are healthy. We are in a toxic environment. The average person they say has 200 chemicals in them. It’s amazing, there’s 77,000 chemicals floating around out there.

So getting those out of the body by opening up those channels, helps tremendously. So if you’ve got soreness, stiffness. We all have toxicity. So everyone with toxicity, which is pretty much everyone.

Dr. K: And you mentioned it goes … how far does the infrared (sauna) go?

DD: Yes, this will penetrate 6 inches. Whereas a far infrared sauna will go about 2-3 inches. But this is penetrating 6 inches. So by sand-wiching, we are getting all the way through.

Dr. K: So we’re got a foot that we’re covering.

DD: Exactly.

Dr. K: So if you’re dealing with … we mentioned earlier on a previous show, cancer can’t survive above 42 degrees Celsius.

DD: 42 degrees Celsius. About a 110 degrees, roughly. So it will kill those cancer cells.

Dr. K: That’s amazing. And then you have for the head …

DD: Yeah, she’s laying on a mat, we don’t want to heat up the head. So she’s laying on a pillow, an amethyst stone pillow. And that’s generating the negative ions as well. So she’s getting that benefit into her brain. So, do you feel smarter already?

Rachel: Mmmm hmmm.

Photo by Jennifer Bachelor on Flickr.