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Drugs and surgery are a typical treatment for health problems, but do these treatments addressing the root cause? Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD tells why nutritional deficiencies from a less-than-optimal diet can be a common cause of declining health and what action to take to understand why many health issues can’t be solved with the drug or surgery “band-aid”.  

Something that I find to be a conundrum is when a person comes in with a health issue and expresses a desire to resolve with a pharmaceutical drug to fix symptoms or pain. In reality, what is happening is nutritional deficiencies and an added chemical to try to “correct” the deficiency. In doing this with a drug or conventional medical treatment, we are not addressing the cause; we are not getting to the root, but simply putting another band-aid.

An analogy for this would be not having enough money to pay for our bills, so the conventional solution is to get another credit card. As an example, a Vitamin C deficiency: if we have osteoporosis or osteopenia. It’s essentially like scurvy for the bones.  If we supply an abundance of Vitamin C intead of a drug such as Phosphomax or Aleve for the pain, we can simply add Vitamin C to prevent it. Or, instead of removing the gallbladder, it could be also a Vitamin C deficiency hindering the production and storage of bile for a healthy functioning gallbladder to be able to digest fats. The same would also be true of cardiovascular health.

A naturopathic healthcare’s goal is to not only reduce and alleviate symptoms, but to find and fix the root of the problem so that you can experience as much freedom from those health conditions as possible.

Because naturopathy focuses on the root cause, no matter what your condition, we can likely help!

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