Grounding- A Connection to a Sustainable State of Well-Being

In modern life, we don’t typically receive adequate exposure to the outdoors, thus missing out on benefits of the earth’s magnetic field for our health and well-being. Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, ND, PhD explores the importance of grounding and earthing or contact and connection with the electromagnetic fields of the earth for so many aspects of […]

Bioidentical Hormones and Your Brain

Bioidentical hormones are a useful and beneficial tool for alleviating and treating mood, brain and neurological symptoms associated with declining hormone levels as we age. These include depression and anxiety and a variety of others affected by these changes. 1 Bioidentical hormone therapy is a successful alternative to conventional hormone therapy treatment which has been […]

The Aging Process and How to Counteract It

What causes aging?  Aging is what happens when tissue breaks down more quickly than it renews.  According to Dr. Karlis Ullis, who has performed extensive research on Olympic-grade athletes, there is a threshold over which peak training can be exceeded, and which will catapult the body into a state similar to rapid aging. Just like […]

The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer Therapy | The Karlfeldt Center

The Ketogenic Diet For Cancer Therapy There is a correlation between dietary carbohydrate intake and the development of cancer with high blood glucose levels and tumor growth. Amazingly, the ketogenic diet impacts all of the hallmarks of cancer. Characteristics of cancer include the resistance of normal cell death, the continuing division of damaged cells, the […]

Killing Cancer Cells with Artesunate

Well-known for its safety in use as an IV preparation as well as an oral administration with little to no side effects – even in high doses – artesunate can be combined with Intravenous Vitamin C or “IVC” as an adjunct or alternative to conventional cancer therapies. When administered with IVC (intravenous Vitamin C therapy), […]

Poly-MVA Cancer Treatment Services offered by the Karlfeldt Center of Idaho

Over 20 years ago, Dr. Merrill Garnett started lengthy and arduous research to determine how to use an effective molecular compound for restoring healthy pathways for the normal growth and development of cells. He wanted to know how to correct dysfunctional energy pathways of cells that were mutating again and again – known as cancerous […]

Is There Cause for Concern With the Latest Measles “Outbreak”?

The hysteria surrounding the measles “outbreak” of 2018 continues to grow.  In 2015 we read the reports of measles “outbreaks” when 644 contracted measles at Disneyland. Compare that to the entire population of the U.S. – over 300 million, and that is insignificant.  Yet, vaccinated children are still coming down with the measles. Why do […]

Mistletoe for Cancer Treatment

Mistletoe for Cancer Treatment

White berry mistletoe is a medicinal plant that has been in use for cancer treatment, in all stages of growth. Its use in Europe for some time has been considered mainstream and is widely used, while in the U.S. many practitioners still regard it as complementary (it has not yet received approval by the FDA). […]

Cancer and Integrative Therapies – HealthMade Radio #1

Cancer is something that has impacted every single one of our lives in some way. Even if you’re not dealing with cancer yourself, you almost certainly have a loved one who is, or at the very least a close friend. When someone receives a diagnosis for any kind of cancer, there are certain steps that […]