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Unpacking the Benefits of Colonics: Your Route to Holistic Wellness

Colonics is more than a wellness trend; it’s a revitalizing experience that unveils a cascade of health benefits, offering you not just a cleanse but a rejuvenation from within. If you’ve considered investing in your health, understanding the myriad of benefits from colonics might be the nudge you need.

Bioidentical Hormones and Your Brain

Bioidentical hormones are a useful and beneficial tool for alleviating and treating mood, brain and neurological symptoms associated with declining hormone levels as we age. These include depression and anxiety […]

The Aging Process and How to Counteract It

What causes aging?  Aging is what happens when tissue breaks down more quickly than it renews.  According to Dr. Karlis Ullis, who has performed extensive research on Olympic-grade athletes, there […]

Killing Cancer Cells with Artesunate

Well-known for its safety in use as an IV preparation as well as an oral administration with little to no side effects – even in high doses – artesunate can […]