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Artificial Intelligence is for the 21st century what electricity was for the 20th and steam power for the 19th. But there’s one critical difference — electricity and steam will never outthink you. On this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfedt interviews James Barret, author of the groundbreaking book Our Final Invention Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era. Each year, intelligence grows closer to shuffling off its biological coil and taking on an infinitely faster and more powerful synthetic one. Our Final Invention is about what can go wrong with the development and application of advanced AI.

In this fascinating interview, learn: 

About James Barret

For about 20 years, he’s written and produced documentaries, one of the most rewarding ways of telling stories ever invented. He has spent time exploring different cultures and eras and put together deeply human narratives that everyone can enjoy. His clients include National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, and other broadcasters in the US and Europe. 

His long fascination with Artificial Intelligence came to a head in 2000, with an interview with inventor Ray Kurzweil, roboticist Rodney Brooks, and sci-fi legend Arthur C. Clarke. Kurzweil and Brooks were casually optimistic about a future they considered inevitable – a time when we will share the planet with intelligent machines. “It won’t be some alien invasion of robots coming over the hill,” Kurzweil told me, “because they’ll be made by us.” In his compound in Sri Lanka, Clarke wasn’t so sure. “I think it’s just a matter of time before machines dominate mankind,” he said. “Intelligence will win out.”

Intelligence, not charm or beauty, is an extraordinary power that enables humans to dominate Earth. Now, propelled by a robust economic wind, scientists are developing intelligent machines. Each year intelligence grows closer to shuffling off its biological coil and taking on an infinitely faster and more powerful synthetic one. But before machine intelligence matches our own, we have a chance. First, we must develop a science for understanding and coexisting with intelligent, even superintelligent machines. If we fail, we’ll be stuck in an unwinnable dilemma. We’ll have to rely on the kindness of machines to survive. Will machines naturally love us and protect us? Should we bet our existence on it?

Connect with James Barret

Facebook: james.barrat.1

Twitter: jrbarrat

Purchase his book: Our-Final-Invention-Artificial-Intelligence

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