AmnioFix Injections Available at the Karlfeldt Center of Meridian

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Picture of a young woman holding a side-plank pose with one arm extended upward towards the sky. Amniofix therapy provided by Karlfeldt Center of Meridian, Idaho.

AmnioFix is a special formulation of amniotic tissue, delivered via injection. Amniotic membrane is made up of key elements including growth factors, specialized cytokines, and enzyme inhibitors known to help enhance healing, modulate inflammation, and reduce scar tissue formation from various injuries and conditions. This therapy may be a viable option for anyone seeking an alternative to surgery. 

AmnioFix is a placental tissue allograft made up of the amnion and chorion layers of the amniotic sac. Unlike Stem Cell Therapy, placental tissue allografts do not contain live stem cells. However, this treatment is packed with growth factors that have been identified as the most effective aspects of this type of regeneration therapy. 

Amniotic membrane, or the amniotic sac, forms after conception during the fetal maturation process. The amnion and chorion layers serve as the principle tissue separation between mother and child during pregnancy.

What are Growth Factors? 

The human body produces powerful healing agents called “growth factors.” These growth factors send signals to cells, telling them where to go and what to do. In the case of an injury or illness, growth factors assist in bringing cells to the target site, helping it to heal as your own cells regenerate damaged tissue. 

AmnioFix contains over 226 different growth factors, including the Transforming Growth Factor Beta (TGF-B) and Fibroblast Growth Factor (FGF). These provide regulatory factors that enhance healing. 

How Does Amniotic Tissue Work? 

Studied for over 100 years, amniotic membrane has been shown to modulate inflammation, reduce scar tissue formation, and enhance healing. When an injury has been sustained, introducing concentrated amounts of amniotic membrane allografts to the affected area stimulates the body’s nature healing process and speeds it up. These cells provide a powerful anti-inflammatory boost, while at the same time engaging and enhancing the cells already present. 

When Should You Consider AmnioFix?

If you have sustained an injury that results in inflammation, AmnioFix may be an option. Once conservative treatments such as physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and bracing have been exhausted without bringing sustained relief, amniotic membrane allografts may be considered. This therapy is also an alternative to steroid injections. 

Contact the Karlfeldt Center of Meridian, Idaho to learn more.

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