Activating the Healing Powers Within with RJ Spina

In this episode, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt talks to RJ Spina about how the expansion of consciousness into a higher state of consciousness leads to self-healing. RJ Spina is a metaphysical teacher and guide who overcame chest-down paralysis, diabetes, pancreatitis, Hashimoto’s disease, and several other serious illnesses. RJ is operating on an entirely different level! He has fully emptied himself. He doesn’t think. He simply knows. Because of the nature of his Being, he has access to very high-frequency energy and shares his insight in this fascinating interview. 

In this episode, learn about: 

  • What it is to ascend the frequency of self-healing
  • The difference between Your Consciousness, Divine Intelligence, and the Intellect
  • The importance of Raising the Electromagnetic Frequency of Your Brain 
  • Accessing Your Higher Self through Meditation
  • Law of Attraction and Manifestation
  • How meditation changes your DNA
  • Understand how everything is frequency, vibration, and energy
  • How there are endless resources when tapping into the supreme consciousness
  • Recognizing the limitation of doubt and its conflict in self-healing

More About RJ Spina

RJ Spina is a true leader and metaphysical teacher, and the world has never needed one so desperately. He has verifiably healed himself of permanent chest-down paralysis, severe chronic illness, and life-threatening conditions through his own authentic transcendence. His teachings, wisdom, guidance, and revolutionary self-healing and self-realization technique has already completely changed and saved the lives of many across the globe. He has dedicated his life to the freeing and healing of humanity on all levels. As a child, RJ would naturally access the limitless hidden realms beyond our ordinary sensory perception. He always felt a deep sense of knowingness that went well beyond the human intellect. Upon turning twenty-four and struggling with ‘normal’ life, he found himself in an unforced and naturally deep state of meditation. That moment was a turning point in his life. What he tangibly experienced and authentically understood was the beginning of his own liberation and self-realization. RJ currently lives in San Diego, CA, and has recently started his non-profit, Human Advancement Through Higher Consciousness. His paradigm-shifting book Supercharged Self-Healing: A Revolutionary Guide To Access High-Frequency States Of Consciousness That Rejuvenate And Repair is available on his website. 

Connect with RJ Spina

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