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Dr. Karlfeldt discusses what you may see inside a droplet of blood under a microscope view, and how visible elements can show a state of wellness or disease. 

In the first sample we see red blood cells appear round, and should not be coagulated and floating around. White blood cells appear white and more “bunched” up. 

Lighter centers of red blood cells indicate iron deficiency. Larger, crystal-looking shapes are a sign of being on some type of medication or pharmaceutical drug. The end of the blood drop appears to coagulate.

In the second blood sample, there are some green “blobs” visible in the blood cells which can indicate a virus or genetic material that is unwanted in the body (could be chronic infection). There are also white blood cells that attempt to attack and destroy organisms such as fungus or parasites. 

Parasites appear as specks with flagella are bacteria or parasites that move around quickly, outside the blood cells. Blood cells that look “deflated” also are indicative of problems including fungus and other issues. Looking at the blood in a sample like this provides information to enable you to understand how our blood reveals what’s affecting the condition of our health.

Photo by Cassi Josh on Unsplash.