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Fighting Aging and Disease through Light with David Schmidt

On this episode of HealthMade Radio Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews David Schmidt, CEO, and Founder of LifeWave, a wellness company focused on non-pharmaceutical approaches to helping customers improve their quality of life. The longtime inventor has an extensive history of working in business and development. Through his work on the Double Helix Conductor, Schmidt theorized that phototherapy […]

The Spark Igniting Your Best Life with Stephanie James

On this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt visits with Stephanie James, a psychotherapist and licensed clinical social worker with more than 30 years of experience in the mental health field. She is the host of the motivational radio show and podcast The Spark With Stephanie James, and she is passionate about helping people […]

Quantum Computers with Quantum Physicists Shohini Ghose

Quantum computers are revolutionizing computers and are paving the way for innovations — for example, in medicine and the Internet of Things. In this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Quantum Physicist Shohini Ghose, who explains how quantum technology holds the potential to transform medicine.  Quantum physics has already changed our lives. Thanks […]

Micronutrient Dense Food with Joel Fuhrman

For over 30 years, Dr. Joel Fuhrman has shown that it is possible to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse heart disease, diabetes, and many other illnesses using smart nutrition. In this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt discusses with Dr. Fuhrman his passion for nutritional excellence. Dr. Fuhrman has experience in nutritional medicine, […]