Connecting with Nature and the Wild with Richard Louv

On this Episode of HealthMade radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt discusses Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder with author and child advocate Richard Louv, outlining the benefits of a strong nature connection; from boosting mental acuity and creativity, to reducing obesity and depression, from promoting health and wellness, to simply having fun. Richard Louv directly links […]

5G and EMF Solutions with Dafna Tachove

Dafna Tachover, a leading advocate against 5G, an expert on the health effects of wireless technology radiation, and senior attorney and director of the 5G program at Children’s Health Defense, joins Dr. Michael Karlfeldt to share her expertise on wireless radiation and its impact on the body.  When people with electromagnetic sensitivity (ES), are exposed […]

Everyday Creativity with Dr. Ruth Richards

In this episode of HealthMade radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Dr. Ruth Richards, psychologist, psychiatrist, professor at Saybrook University, and Fellow, American Psychological Association, who has studied everyday creativity in clinical and educational settings. She has published on creativity and social action as well as spiritual development.  In this insightful interview, Dr. Richards walks us […]

Integrative Solutions to Lyme Brain with Dr. Nicola Ducharme

Brain fog, short-term memory loss, difficulty with focus and concentration, anxiety, depression, and the host of other symptoms that make up the cognitive and neuropsychiatric aspects of Lyme disease. On this episode of HealthMade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeldt interviews Lyme specialist Nicola McFadzean Ducharme. She practices holistic medicine specializing in Lyme disease, hormone balancing, autistic-spectrum […]

Eating to Beat Disease

Are there ways that we can make decisions with the food we put on our tables that could actually help us stay healthier? Are there certain foods that would be detrimental to our health? In this episode of HealthMade Radio hosted by Dr. Michael Karlfeldt, find out which foods can maximize your defense in regards […]

4 Simple Steps for Making Positive Affirmations Work for You

Positive affirmations are one of the most powerful tools that you can use to create a meaningful, successful, and fulfilling life. Many people have developed powerful affirmations that bring about change in their behaviors and circumstances. When you deliberately use positive affirmations, the effect on your life will not only be powerful, but you will […]