9 Reasons to Avoid Fluoride

Conventional health and dental authorities recommend brushing with fluoride, receiving fluoride treatments, and in some municipal water systems, fluoride is added in. But does fluoride lower the incidence of cavities? And, might there also be cause for concern about negative effects fluoride has on our health?  If the tap water in your home contains fluoride, […]

Are Diet and Depression Related?

Depression: does it affect you? As a society, statistics show we are becoming more depressed as time moves on. Why?  The American Psychiatric Association (Psychiatry.org) reports that anti-depressant use is on the rise as a way to “treat” depression and related disorders. Five percent or 350 million people worldwide experience depression. In the U.S., 16 […]

Foundations of Wellness and Healing

If you have been wanting to improve a chronic health condition, whether it be a metabolic disorder, allergies, weight gain, auto-immune disease, or any type of chronic inflammatory process, these basics for diet, lifestyle, and supplementation can help you get started to learn about and address ongoing health concerns. Digestion Bone broths, fermented foods, healthy […]

Emotional and Spiritual Health

Many people wait until they are experiencing severe physical symptoms before they seek help with their state of mind.  However, it is important to address any mental, spiritual, and emotional imbalances right away. Consider incorporating therapies that impact the mind and the emotions into any treatment plan so that you can work on multiple levels […]

Are Exclusively Plant-Based Diets Preferrable to Those Which Include Animal Foods?

The inspiration for this article was some questions from someone on Facebook on the topic of a live interview on the Cancer Summit with Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride, author of Gut and Psychology Syndrome. The topic is whether consumption of an exclusively plant-based diet versus one that includes animal-foods is optimal, and the impact those […]

Why Dietary Saturated Fat is So Critical to Health

We live in a world where dietary fats have been increasingly feared and avoided. This is particularly true of saturated fat from animal foods. With epidemic numbers of our population experiencing heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and cancer, health experts and professionals have started to begin to understand the connection between between […]