7 Back Pain Mistakes Anyone can Make

7 Back Pain Mistakes Anyone can Make

Did you know that over 31 million Americans struggle with back pain at any given time?  It’s not uncommon for Chiropractors to see patients for unspecified “back pain,” which is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Make sure you don’t become one of these statistics by avoiding these 7 back pain mistakes that […]

The Practice of Tibetan Meditation for Increased Health and Vitality

Why would one meditate? What do we want out of meditation? The English word “meditate” is to reflect or to contemplate. There are many meditation techniques developed through the ages with one common aim and that is to subdue our raging thoughts. A master once asked, between our body, speech and mind, which one is […]

Shining the Light on a New Therapy for Cancer, MS and More

Shining the Light on a New Therapy for Cancer, MS and More

The Karlfeldt Center has formed an incredible partnership with Dr. Stephen Iacoboni, a Medical Oncologist and Hematologist.  His passion involves taking care of the whole human body, not just the individual organ that is primarily affected by cancer.  Because blood goes everywhere in the body, cancer cells travel around the body with the blood and […]

How DCA Promotes Cancer Cell Death

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Conventional medicine views cancer as a genetic disorder, originating in DNA, where genes that control growth and division of cells begin to behave abnormally.  In a cancerous state, cells behave erratically, quickly multiplying, altering the normal metabolic activity and cell production. Mitochondria, found in all normal cells, create necessary energy for living organisms to properly […]

Mental and Emotional Well-Being Is Inextricably Linked With Gut Health

It’s impossible to feel emotionally balanced if your gut is not healthy.  This is especially true if you have leaky gut.What is Leaky Gut? Leaky gut is a condition that develops when the lining of the intestinal wall breaks down.  It is frequently caused by infections, toxins, and certain foods.  Eating gluten, sugar, or excessive […]

More Ways to Combat the Flu Naturally!

Flu season is still among us.  It began a bit early this year and I, too, just got over the flu.  Because of my recent experience, I wanted to share a few secrets that can help you not only prevent the flu but will give you the tools to treat it if you do get […]