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Welcome to HealthMade: a community for natural health seekers where we educate people about common health conditions and share our extensive research on the most effective natural health treatments. With a focus on community, we will actively engage with our readers, followers and site members with a user-engagement reward system and member contributions. Our goal […]

Legalizing CBD? But At What Cost?

CBD is a chemical component of the hemp plant that has many healing properties. It is a common mistake to equate hemp and CBD with marijuana and its mind-altering constituent THC. The most obvious difference is that hemp and CBD cannot give you a high. Because of this association, the legal interpretation of the attorney […]

How Stress Can Cause Back Pain and What To Do About It

How Stress Can Cause Back Pain and What To Do About It

When we’re overwhelmed, our bodies tend to react. In fact, certain emotional trauma can cause serious back pain. Stress is one of those things that we all deal with, but often don’t realize just how it’s affecting us physically and impacting our health. Stress happens when you have more going on than you can handle. […]