Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy – the future of medicine

Stem cells have a natural ability to repair damaged tissue and stem cell therapy has been shown in clinical trials to have beneficial effects in degenerative conditions. Studies show that stem cells are attracted and migrate to damage tissue where they stimulate regeneration through the secretion of proteins and peptides. The amazing thing is that the type of stem cells used at The Karlfeldt Center are very in tune with the need of damaged tissue and in response will produce and secrete specific healing medicine biomolecules. They also have the ability to become different cell types (i.e. nerve cells, liver cells, heart cells, and cartilage cells) to repair and restore healthy physiology.

The Karlfeldt Center utilizes cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells that are separated from the umbilical cord tissue. Mesenchymal stem cells are the intelligence behind ordinary stem cells while guiding them in their regenerative and immune regulating activities. All donated cords are the by-products of normal, healthy births.  Each cord is carefully screened for sterility and infectious diseases under International Blood Bank standards. Because these types of stem cells are less mature than other cells, the body’s immune system is unable to recognize them as foreign and therefore they are not rejected.  Stem cells derived from umbilical cord proliferate/differentiate more efficiently than “older” cells, such as those found in the bone marrow and therefore, they are considered to be more “potent”.  One cord-derived stem cell duplicates and becomes one billion stem cells after a month while a stem cell from a 60 year old man duplicates to only become 200 stem cells after a month.

  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Heart Failure
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Kidney failure
  • Liver fibrosis
  • Juvenile Diabetes
  • ALS
  • Lupus
  • Stroke
  • Autoimmune Disorders

Advantages of Human Umbilical Cord Tissue-derived Stem Cells:

  • Immune system privileged so anyone can be treated
  • Sense the micro-environment of tissue and secrete appropriate bioactive molecules to promote tissue growth and regeneration
  • Down regulates an overactive immune system (autoimmune diseases)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Consistently contain a high concentration of stem cells
  • No need for invasive tissue collection procedures
  • High rate of self-replication and very active (every one gives birth to a large army of very fit soldiers ready to go to work and heal your body)

Degenerative conditions patients typically receive between 3 and 16 stem cell applications during the course of an entire treatment protocol.

Joint, muscle and bone injuries and pain –

Why operate when you can regenerate!

With what type of injuries have patients benefitted from stem cell therapy?

  1. Knee injuries (MCL, ACL, PCL or LCL sprains or tears
    2. Arthritis/Osteoarthritis
    3. Hip or Labral Tears
    4. Shoulder damage (rotator cuff, tendinitis in the shoulder)
    5. Chronic Neck Pain
    6. Chronic Back Pain
    7. Wrist, Elbow and Ankle damage and pain
    8. Achilles
    9. Foot pain
    10. Planar Fasciitis
    11. Lower back pain
    12. Bone fractures that don’t heal
    13. Pain derived from diabetes

Essentially, if you have damage to a ligament or lingering pain in a specific area of your body, stem cell therapy can help. It is the best non-invasive regenerative therapy available and a groundbreaking advancement.


Aging is a complex process in which cells become progressively damaged over time and finally die. New stem cells and adjunctive treatments potentially slow down or reverse this process. Those cells possess a unique antiaging effect by means of regenerating and repairing organs damaged by stress and various toxins we are exposed to in our daily life and by improving immune functions.

The Karlfeldt Center provides the latest Stem Cells therapy and procedures to rejuvenate your face, body, organs and increase the feeling of well being. Fantastic results in anti aging treatment has been shown at all age groups, regardless of gender.

Signs of aging include loss of memory, poor concentration, loss of energy, general fatigue, tiredness, wrinkles, age spots, general aches and pains, loss of hair, loss of skin texture, insomnia, reduced sex drive, mood swings, degenerative diseases.

During aging the number of stem cells decreases. With stem cell therapy treatments you are replenishing the supply of stem cells to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate organs including your skin. During stem cell treatment a patient receives 2 million stem cells. Each stem cell replicates to become a billion within a month. After such an active cell replenishment, organ gets rejuvenated and renewed, because the new and active cells displace the old and damaged ones turning back the clock of time.

Intravenous (IV)

The safest and simplest method for delivering the stem cell throughout the body. IV administration usually takes about 20 – 30 minutes. Amino acids, glutathione and B-vitamins are added to nutritionally support the activity of the stem cells.

Extra-articular (outside the joint) along with ozonated clotted matrix (OCM)

The stem cells are injected in the vicinity of the affected joint. This method is commonly used for arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases. Extra-articular implantation is quite safe and does not require anesthesia.

OCM uses amino acids and B Vitamins with Ozone to create a medium where the platelets are held in a cytokine rich clot matrix, that is highly ozonated, thus providing cells with the ideal medium, over an extended period providing an opportunity for cellular dedifferentiation. The fibrous matrix created in OCM stays active in the joints for up to 14 days; providing an ideal environment ripe for cellular stimulation and tissue regeneration to occur.  We find that with most patients, two to three injections over three months are very effective in reaching the desired treatment goal.

By using this minimally invasive, non-surgical alternative for injuries and joint degeneration, the human body is given the natural tools to begin to heal itself.  The powerful combination of stem cells and OCM stimulates the body’s natural regenerative process—patients exhibit rapid relief from chronic pain.


The stem cells are injected directly into the muscle.  Ozone, amino acids, and B-vitamins are added to nutritionally support the activity of the stem cells.

“Treating disease is about fixing broken parts — about replacing cells that no longer work as they should, repairing tissues that falter and boosting systems that fail.  Curing disease is a different matter. To cure disease, you have to do all of that and more.  You have to remove the pathological cause of the problem and to ensure that it doesn’t return.  This requires teasing out where rogue cells went wrong and finding a way to nurture healthier ones to replace them.

That’s where the promise of stem cells lies. As the mother cells of every tissue in the body, they are the biological ore from which the body emerges.” ~Alice Park