We get it. We are health professionals and have a tough time addressing and organizing our own preventative approach to health on a consistent basis. We know it’s less expensive and takes much less effort to prevent disease than to fix it. We also know without consistent efforts towards our health the odds are not in our favor and we are far more likely to develop a serious disease. We witness it everyday.

We have created Karlfeldt Center Memberships and pricing with our own personal families in mind and we are just as committed to our own health as we are yours. As our extended family we want to share with you the best pricing that delivers the most exceptional value. We invite you to take a look and consider the good it would do for you and your family to have a monthly, dedicated plan in place that addresses your individual needs.

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1 x Annual Exam

1 x Annual Exam with our Licensed Professional Nurse is important for wellness and good health. Consider it a preventative step and a way to catch a more serious condition before it begins to cause problems.

1 x Annual Food Sensitivity Testing

1 x Annual Food Sensitivity Testing to discover what food may be the cause of any health complaints such as weight gain, fatigue, lack of mental clarity, anxiety, depression, ADD/ ADHD, digestive complaints and cardiovascular conditions.

2 x Annual Applied Psycho-Neurobiology

2 x Annual Applied Psycho-Neurobiology sessions to address unresolved psycho-emotional traumas and conflicts that are the most common cause of illness and chronic pain

12 x per year Nutritional Evaluation

12 x per year Nutritional Evaluation to monitor and evaluate what nutrients your body is missing and any supplements or minerals your body many need to best support you.

12 x per year Whole Body Vibe Sessions

12 x per year Whole Body Vibe Sessions to stimulate the production of happy hormones serotonin and dopamine, balance the stress hormone cortisol and deliver mechanical loading to the skeleton which increases bone mass and improves postural balance. 10 minutes on this machine equals one hour of moderate cardio at the gym.

12 x per year BioMat Sessions

12 x per year BioMat Sessions are designed to purify and detoxify the body and are ideal for relieving pain, stress, low immunity conditions, such as flu and cold, and overall low energy. These sessions also increase metabolism and flush out fat and cellular waste from the system while increasing blood circulation and oxygen supply to damaged tissues promoting relaxation, comfort, inducing sleep, and relieving stress.

12 x per year Chiropractic Sessions

12 x per year Chiropractic Sessions help protect the delicate central nervous system that controls and coordinates every muscle, tissue and organ of the body. Chiropractic care offers a host of preventative health benefits and is vital to keep our body balanced and functioning at it’s best.

12 x per year 60 minute full body massages

12 x per year 60 minute full body massages will be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

$210.00 / month
10% pre-pay discount $189.00 / month

ChiropracticInitial 1$65.00$65.00
Total Body Vibe12$19.00$228.00
DMSO+ Vit. C IV12$210.00$2,520.00
Nutritional Michoscopy2$75.00$150.00
Annual Cost$7,263.00
Annual Cost w/Discount$6,536.70
Monthly Cost w/Discount$544.73
Total Savings$726.30
BRONZE (Annually Receive)SILVER (Annually Receive)GOLD (Annually Receive)
2 Hair Mineral AnalysesAll Bronze Membership ServicesAll Bronze Membership Services
2 Nutritional MicroscopyAddAdd
4 Nutritional Consultations12 Hocatt Sessions12 Hocatt Sessions
12 MassagesOr12 Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s
13 Chiropractics Treatments12 Meyer’s Cocktail IV’s
Unlimited Total Body Vibe
$148/ Month$260/ Month$373/ Month
HOCATT Therapy - Individual Session$150.00
HOCATT Therapy - 10 Sessions - $125 ea$1,250.00
HOCATT Therapy - 20 Sessions - $115 ea$2,300.00


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Just ask us how you can get started on your individualized wellness plan. the best medicine is prevention.