Life Coaching

A personal coach assists clients with setting and achieving personal goals.

Life coaching Boise, IdahoIt is a process that enables learning and development to occur. Life coaching is client driven and introspective. A good coach does not instruct a client, but rather prompts the client to independently identify personal needs, values, and goals, then helps the client become aware of barriers preventing achievement. Many clients find the coaching experience freeing and adaptable to their own unique needs. It is future and solution focused and can be considered preventative mental health care.

Coaching is a great fit for anyone looking for new movement in their life. Often, we go through periods of confusion or feeling “stuck” and this is when a coach can be of great benefit. Sometimes, goals that once seemed easy can cause years of misery, while trying to achieve them, and painful feelings of failure and hopelessness follow. We all tend to get lost on rabbit trails or bogged down in dark valleys along the way. When we reach our limits and face our crossroads, our choices become critical and literally life changing. We can become stuck — or — we can choose to make difficult changes.