Intravenous Whole Blood Volume Photo-Illumination

Intravenous Whole Blood Volume Photo-Illumination is an innovative approach to blood light therapy.

It challenges traditional methods of light delivery to the blood and removes common limitations that affect the outcomes of the therapy.

Intravenous Whole Blood Volume Photo-illumination requires no extraction of blood which means there is no restriction to the volume of blood that can be exposed to the therapeutic light and no loss of light due to skin absorption. Rather, our direct-to-blood intravenous light therapy is delivered directly into the blood vessels using an IV catheter and treats the blood as it passes the light while traveling through the vein.

One major benefit to this type of blood treatment is the ability to customize multiple wavelengths for specific needs. Most traditional light therapy methods, such as extracorpeal ultraviolet blood irradiation, deliver only single wavelengths. This is very limiting because diseases or conditions have numerous biochemical pathways which requires multiple wavelengths concurrently to successfully enhance the immune system or heal damage caused by the pathogen.